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Solution is advertising!

23 Aug

I’ve made some posts lately about the struggles of keeping an internet radio program up and running, as well as free for listeners by pleading for donations.  I really hate doing that, and while I greatly appreciate the handful of people that have responded, we felt we needed a better solution, especially since we’ve had some equipment failures lately too.

So what did we come up with?

Advertising.  But, it’s still advertising with a difference, as well as with a look back to old time (pre-television) radio programs.  Remember how the old time hosts would say something about their sponsor’s products during the program?  It’s the same concept.

We’ve just modernized it.  It’s low cost, we’re debuting the concept at just $20 per “mention”, making it affordable for everyone from new independent authors that want to get the word out about a book launch to someone sponsoring a program segment in lieu of a traditional (and somewhat mundane) birthday card.  It’s also a bargain, considering that the Dawn of Shades has over 250,000 logged in listeners each week, with the numbers steadily increasing.

This way, instead of just getting a thank  you for donating, it becomes a totally different beast as an actual purchase of advertising.  For businesses, it then becomes an actual business expense too.

It’s just a short piece that will be read by the host (almost always me!) on the air, and there are only four slots per program available, so once they are gone…they are gone.  There is also only one discount available, and to receive that, you would have to be a member of the group on Facebook.  (It’s a closed group, but all legitimate appearing accounts are granted membership.)  The group is found here, if you are interested.

The same program is available for Greg’s show, the Voice of the People, on Saturdays too.

There are a few rules.  We won’t lie and say we use/endorse something if we really don’t have a clue.  We can’t advertise illegal items. We also cannot advertise porn websites or shady commercial ventures with offshore businesses.  You can only advertise a website if you own the domain too, except for a few exceptions such as Amazon & other familiar retailers selling books, audio recordings, videos, etc.  (Indie authors & artists, as well as more traditional writers/musicians, all use these sellers.)  You can promote a cause, but we also will not accept one that advocates illegal actions, such as overthrow of the government, etc.

We will only accept payment via PayPal.  It’s easy and secure for both parties, as well as a minimally difficult process for everyone.  There are deadlines too–we can’t arrange for an ad during the last hour before we go on the air!  We have to agree on the message, vet the website, etc. before the advertisement is accepted.  A particular slot is never guaranteed before payment is received either.

Want more information or to buy a slot for yourself?  It’s easy–just email me at giascott at exogenynetwork.com!


Spam, assholes, and advertisments

26 Apr

The sun has set, as far as I’m concerned, Sunday is over, and along with it, the mandate to “be nice on Sundays” from my childhood.

I’m aggravated.  Why in the sam hell do people feel a need to spam a blog with commercial links of dubious reliability?  Do people ever actually click on them and buy stuff?  Somewhere, sometime, it has to pay off, because these assholes devote immense amounts of time to posting this garbage.  I get it here already.  I get it on the podcast blog too.  I get it in my email, all of my email accounts.  If I had a penny for each one that I’d had to delete in the last 12 months, I’d be buying a new car with the cash.

Who buys from them?  Everything I have ever read about spammers indicates that they take the money just fine, but things go downhill from there.  At best, you are out the money for the goods, at worse, they sell your credit card.  Why in the hell would anyone risk buying from such a dubious source?

I work on a website regularly.  We’ve tried advertising on the website to help defray the cost of maintaining it, because even though neither Greg nor I receive any money for doing it, it still costs money, and plenty of it.  We have multiple domains, a large website, and another site for handling the podcasts.  Take a look at them: www.exogenynetwork.com is the website, and our podcasts are found at http://blog.giascott.com Advertisements on the website don’t add up in a year to enough to pay for the websites for a month.  We discovered we were good at delivering impressions, but lousy at getting people to buy from the links on our site.  End of that experiment! We now have Amazon powered links for convenience of our readers, and no hopes that it will potentially pay for the website.

I still don’t get the spam thing.  I’m told its done by automated bots who troll the web and find blogs to post crap to.  Almost all of them have a protection system that requires approval by the owner, so no one sees the garbage anyhow.  So where is the pay off in all of this annoyance?  For anyone?

I do advertise, but I don’t advertise things I consider garbage.  If someone wants me to advertise or review a product for them, I’ve done it.  I do it all the time, it’s part of what I do.  Do I get paid a lot? No, normally all I receive for a review is the product itself, whether its a 75 cent can of vegetables or a $600 piece of  software.  Advertising fees vary, depending on how it is being handled.  But if you are a legitimate company, and you really want to advertise your product in a legitimate way, just get in touch with me.  The worst I can say is no, after all.  On book reviews, I have so many in my backlog right now, I am not real enthusiastic about reviewing more.  On those, if I can’t say something nice, it is going to be a while before they are published, because the good books jump to the head of the line.

If you are a spammer, with a dubious company and website, get a life and find better hunting grounds.  This blog has a spam filter and I have to approve comments.  I may approve almost all, but I don’t approve any spam ones!

Don’t you wish you could DO something to spammers though?  It’s so annoying and frustrating to have to deal with that garbage every single day.  It makes junk mail actually look useful!