I finally published a novel instead of having a bonfire.  When I said how many of my own written works I actually burned over the years during an interview with Piers Anthony, he was horrified.  In a sense, maybe I am too.    Whichever the case, their ideas literally rose with the smoke into the atmosphere, but are they truly ever gone?

I’ve also published a number of small cookbooks for Kindle, focusing on a single related theme.  They are handy, inexpensive, fun, and interesting, so please…check them out.  You can find them right here.

I still host an internet radio program called the Dawn of Shades.  While it was once a paranormal program, I’d now call it an “alternative topic talk radio” show.  We entertain many topics, from alternative health to fiction authors.  We take the slow road to finding about our guest and topic instead of some brief sound bite.  It’s a great way to find out a little bit about something new, whether its an author or a new way to plant a garden or build your house.

I still blog too.  I always seem to be writing something.  What blogs do I maintain still? Our 1948 House is about the perils of buying an old house and our little dilemmas as we go.   Gulf Coast Foods is all about food from the Gulf Coast and inland in Southern Mississippi.  There are posts about cooking, shopping, food related issues & legislation, and of course, there are recipes too.  Then there is Get Ready Go, the outdoor/camping/emergency preparation blog.  I’ll confess, sometimes I haven’t been as regular at posting there as I should be.  Cycling As Is has been somewhat neglected too, but its a blog about being a casual cyclist who doesn’t bother with time trials, endurance tests, or spandex shorts.  My main blog, the one that has my rants the most often, is Gia Scott, of course.  That’s the catch all, minus the house, outdoors, bikes, or food.

I haven’t written an article for Examiner for a very long time.  I guess I’m too busy.

I don’t live in New Orleans anymore either.  I relocated to Mississippi, initially to the Gulf Coast, but eventually, inland to a small town near Hattiesburg, MS.  That’s another story…

If you are curious about the old version of Gia…here is the old bio information.

This was long ago…a lot has changed since then.  Some of it was for the better.

Original “About”: Gia Scott is the New Orleans Food Examiner, as well as the host of Gia Scott’s Dawn of Shades.  She wears a lot of hats in the course of a day, which is probably a good thing, since she has hair that has devoted itself to the search for intelligent life–away from her head!  Gia is also one of the founders of Exogeny Network, Get Ready GO, and Gia Pets.  She also volunteers in favorite causes, and has helped Metairie Humane, a 100% no-kill pet rescue, since they were founded.  She writes on a number of topics, as well as writing poetry on occasion, but she is not allowed to sing in public.  Sometimes, early on Sunday morning, you can find her in the French Quarter, dragging along an unwilling victim named Gregory.  If you see him, he will do almost anything for a Klondike bar.  If you are out of those, he can often be coaxed with a cup of coffee.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Gregory R. Miller April 29, 2010 at 4:39 am #

    I never get any beignets either.

  2. ReadersHeaven September 23, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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