Freaky dreams

11 Jun

I thought the end of the freaky dreams was surely the night that I dreamed about the singing chickens.

Yeah, real chickens.  Really singing, in tune, with chicken voices.

It got even weirder last night.

Now yesterday, I was in Hattiesburg when there was a tornado warning & accompanying weird siren to warn everyone.  I’m blaming the tornado portion on that experience.  But the rest?  Heck if I know!

It was an inter-dimensional tornado.  It periodically took people from this dimension and sent them there.  It wasn’t supposed to bring them back ever. Pretty heartbreaking, since many of the ones who left here were kids, leaving parents behind too often.  In this particular incident, the tornado was making an unauthorized transfer, courtesy of some evil gang who was going to kill a bunch of people.

A bunch of kids were packed into a giant bin thing in cocoa powder.

Not sure what that was all about, other than we were trying to get them out before the evildoers arrived.

Outside of the weird facets, it read like a typical g-men kind of tale.  The good guys (like g-men) were trying to save innocent lives, while the bad guys (aka evil scientists or whatever) were trying to do them in.  I woke up before the story was resolved, but I have no doubt that the good guys were going to win, at least most of the situation.

I’m not sure who is in charge of dreams, but I must have gotten whatever was left in the barrel last night.


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