Just released via Kindle! The Survivors: The Time of Chaos

25 Feb

Big news!

It’s been published via Kindle, and it’s a Kindle exclusive as well right now.

The Time of Chaos is my first published novel, and publishing it has been a bit more traumatic emotionally than just about anything I’ve ever done.

It’s not that I’ve not done any writing in the past, or that I’ve never been published anywhere before.  It’s just that in the publishing of a novel, your work is presented in a much longer format, with more personal investment of your time, attention, and even your psyche.  About the only thing that I can think of that would be worse than publishing a novel would be to publish your autobiography, as in that genre, you are laying more than your imagination and creativity out there, but you literally are exposing your psyche and life experience on the line for all the world to see.

The description of the book is brief.  Trying to fit it into a genre was even more mind boggling for me.  It has elements of sci-fi, of mystery, of a thriller, and even of fantasy.  It’s all twisted together, hopefully weaving a plot strand that holds the reader enthralled.

I didn’t send it out without a few trials along the way.  I enlisted several people as critics, and several others to look for the inevitable errors in grammar, sentence structure, and all of the other technical aspects that are important in the written language.  I went over it more times than I can count.  I edited portions, I cut out portions, and there were other portions that got enhanced.  It made a few more trial runs.

Then, it sat, waiting for something to happen.  It actually sat for over two  years, just waiting silently.  I even thought it was lost when my computer was hit by malware that crippled it.  With Greg’s skilled assistance, my baby novel was recovered.  My sanity was restored.

Thousands of hours of work, thousands more hours of literally dreaming the book.  Words woven together, forming a tapestry and creating an imaginary scenario for the readers to follow the characters as they work their way towards their goal, their safe haven in New Hope.

Is there a real New Hope?

I’ve dreamed this town so many times, that to me, it is as real as Florence, Arizona is.  The characters are as alive to me as the people of 1969’s Harris, Iowa are in my memories.  There is a bit of Sibley, Iowa tucked in there, along with a few slices of Winslow, Arizona.  My great grandparent’s house and the school across the street in Lake Park, Iowa was tucked into the scenario too.  There are slices of Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri, Georgia, and Minnesota too.  It’s a composite of many towns, all put together to create the tiny town of New Hope, bypassed by the highways and interstates and railroads of today, nearly forgotten as it is nestled between the river and the hills.  I’ve never found my own version of New Hope, to be honest, but maybe, somewhere out there, a town not unlike it exists.  I have to admit, we search on every road trip for that town, but we’ve never found it.

So, if you like an interesting story…try a sample, see what you think.  If you like it…buy it.  Which ever you choose, you can get at Amazon, right here.

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