Impending news…

19 Feb

Good news is always a good thing, isn’t it?

For the last year or so, I’ve used Kindle for Android and Kindle for PC.  I like e-books.  They are good for the environment, as well as presenting a lot of opportunity for new authors and changing the dynamics of authors and publishing houses and the reader.  For the first time, between on demand publishing and e-books, we can read books that may not have ever been published or widely distributed before, on topics that we never were able to find before.

I’ll admit, it does present some problems.  I’ve seen some pretty awful e-books.  We all have.  At the same time, we’ve all encountered printed material that was an utter waste (at least in our minds) of the paper they were printed on.  I’ve seen a lot of books that I hated, and I’ve read a lot that I truly enjoyed.  I also have an incredible number of books in our house, and I look at other people’s houses and if there is no bookshelf, I am horrified.

How do people exist without books in their lives?

At the same time, it’s getting more and more expensive, both in terms of our money and the environment, to print books and buy them.  We then spend even more money and “environmental credits” to get the wood for our bookshelves, which also fill up our walls.  Even using the local library for much of my reading material, I still have a lot of books.  The other day, I was discussing with my mother, who has a Kindle Touch, about our Kindle libraries.  I was a bit surprised to discover that I now had over 1600 books in my Kindle library.

Do you realize how much room 1600 books would take in terms of shelving?

Granted, some of these books are pretty short, maybe 30 pages, and would often qualify as short stories or even articles in the printed world.  Even so, most of them are things that I regard as interesting and worth keeping in my e-library.  Few of them are books that I regard as utter wastes of electronic space, although there are a few.  I’ve also rediscovered the wonder of the classics, and exploring some of the ones I’d read only as a result of coercion from my English teacher as a teenager.  They are much more interesting as an adult, I’ll confess.  Even better, if I start reading one and it’s boring me…with the click of the mouse, I’ve exchanged it for another.

But I am rambling now.  I almost forgot about what my big news really was.

I have decided to publish my first official foray into the fiction world as an author myself on Kindle.  It’s not because I couldn’t get it published in a traditional publishing house–I never submitted it to any of them.  It’s been finished, edited, and waiting for over a year.  The sequel is well underway already, too.  I just didn’t submit it, even though I know how to do just such a thing, and even know several publishing houses that would consider it.

I’m publishing it via Kindle because it’s a format that I believe in.  The cover is being designed now, and it’s being proof read by yet another person as a final step.  Some paperwork has to be filed, but I’m anticipating it being officially released very soon.  The e-book publishing leaves the author with the rights to the book, as well as the lion’s share of the royalties, which is as it should be, don’t you think?  Instead of the price being paid going to the printer and the publishing house before the writer gets their share, the vendor gets a much smaller share and the writer gets a fair share.

It does leave the author with some work.  There is no promotion besides what the author is willing and able to do.  Maybe I have an advantage over many people, as there is the audience that is familiar with me already via my radio program, website, and blogs.  Maybe they’ll also tell other people to take a look at the book too.  I hope so.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me and my fledgling book.  Go get Kindle for your Android and your PC too, if you don’t already have it.  If you have a Kindle, you are one step ahead.  I’ll also announce when my “baby” is officially on the market.  In the meantime, remember…the title will be The Survivors: The Time of Chaos.  It’s a paranormal thriller.  After all, how could I write anything that didn’t have a paranormal element to it, unless it was a technical manual.

So far though, no one has asked me to write one of those.  I haven’t written one since I wrote a how-to manual for police dispatchers using the NCIC system, way back when I was a police dispatcher in another lifetime.

Bet you didn’t know I’d done that either, did you?


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