Really weird dream

7 Feb

Tonight, I was tired early and headed to bed.  It rarely works out for me, but I do it anyhow.  Tonight though, it ended with a decidedly weird note.

I dreamed I met a man and his family and they were Muslim.  I then attended a service with him, and was surprised because this huge building existed in our community and I never realized that.  The service was mostly conducted in a language I did not understand and presumed was Arabic, but portions were in English.  I sat beside the man, who shared a prayer book with me.  I’m not sure what kind of a place this was, as we were sitting on benches with a narrow wooden table in front of us to put our books on.

The place was beautiful, and we were high above the person conducting the service.  There were many levels in this massive building, and it was amazingly beautiful.  I tried to follow what was going on, but once the English was over, I was lost.  Then, my companion shared his prayer book with me.  It was a thick book, with sections of the book loose from the cover.  On one side was a phonetic version using our alphabet with a translation, and the other side was in Arabic.  I still couldn’t make heads or tails of it, and said something about the book being well worn.

He shocked me as he told me how one tore out sections, and I told him that I had a reverence for books that forbid doing such a thing.  He nodded, and explained that it was done for the sake of expediency, but that he respected my views.  I then began looking around the room we were in, rather than paying attention to a service that I did not understand.  The other very odd thing was that this book contained chocolates….real, edible chocolates were held in pages of the book.  They were like small cylinders, and covered with a sugary powder, but tasted absolutely of chocolate that melted in your mouth.

The chocolate was a good thing, because it was a very lengthy service.  Apparently, the chocolate was also part of the whole religious experience too, it was to help one understand and get closer to God.

I then visited with his family in a very large and complicated house.  They had many family members, as it was their entire extended family.  At one point, I was in a room with two young women.  We were dressing.  One of the women was naked, and stretched out on a bench.  She said something about sex and orgasms, and I replied “Aren’t they (orgasms) the whole point of sex?”  This delighted the two women, and after they got dressed and scurried off, I was then left to explain my remark to an older man.  My explanation was very simple: before the process of procreation was known to mankind, it had to feel good to get people to do it.  He found the explanation interesting.

At some point, I decided to move in with this family, despite the fact that they were moving to some distant location.  I closed up my house, quit my job, packed up, and left. I needed rest and relaxation very badly, and felt that I would get it with this family.  Life at the new location was perfect, and I was feeling a lot better.

Then, someone arrived.  It was a man, and he was the brother of the wife of the guy who owned the Chevron station in my hometown.  Apparently, she had been my friend.  She was certain that I had been abducted, and had sent her brother to find me.  I talked with him, explained what was going on, and calmed the man down, after he had apparently practically broke down the door to gain access to the people inside.

At this point, apparently I have already begun to forget the dream.  But, we were closing up some house.  I’m not sure if it was my former house or some other house.  We moved everything out of it, scrubbed it down, covered it with a rubbery sheeting and then proceeded to cover it with pink cement.  The brother of my friend was in charge of this project, and he was very upset because some city official had demanded that they gunite the house which apparently meant to spray on the cement rather than glop it on with brushes and brooms, and it was adding a complication to the project.  While we were talking about this, I was trying to get a little girl to eat.  She was very pretty, with long dark hair, wearing a jumper and blouse.  I needed to move her chair, which was a folding chair but made of wood, and when I tipped the seat, water ran onto the floor.  I said either we have a leak or she has wet her pants waiting, and someone began lamenting that she would have spoiled her outfit if she had wet her pants.

I then woke up with a start to the sound of a crying baby, because there were no babies in the household.  It turned out that it was the movie being played, not a real baby, but it sounded very realistic!

I never seem to dream about a normal house.  They are always weird, usually with massive floor plans and complicated layouts that no architect would ever approve.  None of this makes sense.  I don’t know much about the Islamic religion, but I’m pretty sure that women do not worship alongside men.  I’m equally sure it does not include the use of chocolate too.  I was always being told how it was the religion of peace and tranquility and that it did not advocate violence of any kind ever.  I know that in the dream, I had found the relaxation and tranquility that I needed to become “better.”  I was not stressed, and nothing I did was too demanding.  I was able to rest in a way that normal sleep has never rested anyone.  It was a really good feeling that I got in this house, as thought it was all like-minded people, sort of like a monastery without the religion?  No one yelled, no one was frantic, no one behaved badly, and no one acted without thought.  Everyone was concerned about me “going back” to settle things better, for fear it would be too much for me.

As far as I know, real people never act like that.  Real religions also do not include the consumption of chocolate, even if it is in odd shapes either.  Despite this, an hour’s sleep with this dream did leave me feeling very relaxed and calm, which is peculiar considering that the day we had was everything but relaxing.

Even so, part of my mind drifts off with the concept of a beautiful church that advocates peace and tranquility, encourages the consumption of chocolate, and has beautiful music…


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