New Year’s Resolutions, 2013 Edition!

2 Jan

2012 was a year to remember for many of us.  Of course, I can’t remember a year that was in need of being forgotten, but that’s okay.  Last year, when it came time to make a New Year’s resolution or two, I only made one.

To eat chocolate every day.

Okay, I tried, and by and large, I succeeded.  Some days, I’d forget to have a bit of chocolate though.  While that resolution may have seemed indulgent and frivolous, it really wasn’t.  The chocolate was simply a reminder about taking time to BE indulgent and take care of myself.  I’m not perfect about remembering that, but it does come to mind more than it did before the year of chocolate.

So here we are, a year later, and it’s time for that resolution again.  The whole point of resolutions is to have a different one each year.  So…2013 cannot be another “Year of Chocolate”.  So what will 2013 be?

I think I’ll make 2013 the Year of Creation.

No, I’m not developing some psychosis where I think I’m God.  I’m not going to try to create the world or a new life form.  My plan is simply to create 52 things in the coming year, whether it is sewing a dress for my granddaughter or building a shelf or making Christmas ornaments.  It’s not a huge goal, in the “old days”, I often would create that many things in a mere couple of weeks.  I just have sort of forgotten that creative side the last decade or so.  It’s time to remember that side of me, so it’s the perfect resolution for this year.


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