Holidays and health for me

29 Dec

Well, the holiday season means sharing experiences with family and friends.  I’ve had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and have a couple more holidays approaching rapidly.  Greg and I are very happy in our little house.

That doesn’t mean that everything is wonderful and easy though.  I’ve had a couple of weeks of headaches that have grown steadily worse.  I have an appointment to see my doctor next week, which is unfortunately also very over due.  I’ve had a few other symptoms appearing lately as well, and while they could be side effects of medication or related to known health issues, they could be something else entirely.  It’s time to consider the possibility of changing my current medications, perhaps.

Today, it’s been kicking my butt.  “Out of Commission” is my sign, apparently.  With a bit of luck, I’ll be back in fair form in a day or two.  Who knows, maybe I’ve just got a sinus headache aggravated by our cold, wet weather.


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