Happy…something? At least TGIF!

21 Dec

Well, it’s the Winter Solstice.  It’s almost Christmas.  It’s the Mayan Apocolypse Day, but I’m not too convinced that even they actually thought the world was ending today.

I would rather it didn’t end today.  I’m having cocoa with my granddaughter.  She’s feeling much better after being left behind when her mother and great grandmother went to town, despite the fact she had put her watch on.  I’m not sure why a watch meant she should be going somewhere, but she has held it up as proof that the universe was all wrong at least a hundred times.

It’s nice when a few hugs, some hot cocoa, and a cartoon and the world is all right again.

We’re getting down to the wire though.  It’s almost Christmas, and we do it kind of weird.  We’ll have Santa Claus and Christmas dinner like everyone else, but we won’t exchange gifts until January 7th.  I guess we’re not too big on the lavish gifts and going-into-debt-thing though.  We do it pretty simple.

Today may not be the official apocalypse so many people have been predicting and waiting for, but…it’s cookie baking day.  We’re going to make sour cream sugar cookies for a two year old to decorate.  This should be very interesting.  Once in a while, she still remembers she got left behind…despite the magical pink digital watch.

I think her Grandma needs another one of those magical pink digital watches.  They seem to have amazing powers, even if their success rate isn’t perfect.

Christmas lights, sugar cookies, two year olds dreams, and a long winter’s night…all are coming together to make a rather magical effect.  She had her first “real” Santa Claus pictures, and they came out beautiful.  Not that her grandma is prejudiced, right?  It’s the first year she has a bit of understanding of what is going on, even if she refuses to not open a present put under the tree.

Apparently, two months ago when she turned two, we did a very good job of teaching her how to open a present.  Maybe too good.  She certainly wants to practice.

Sometimes, it’s a very good thing to connect with our inner two year old, it seems.  It reminds us that if we have the people we love, our own blanket, and a cup of cocoa…that life is just plain good.  A two year old doesn’t worry about ancient civilizations, apocalyptic events, or whether we are keeping up with the Joneses.  Our inner two year old is a much easier to please character, but perhaps it’s also a version of ourselves that is more honest and more in connection with the here and now than we’ll ever be again.

I mean that seriously.  A cake pan can be a hat, a drum, a swimming pool, a foot bath, a shoe, a chair, and a hundred other things too.  A wooden spoon can be a drum stick, a sword, a spoon, and so very much more, especially with that cake pan.  Those two items can entertain us for hours, and then become the items that those of us who have grown up and become altogether too serious have designed it to be.  That cake pan and spoon may be discarded items from someone’s cast off heap, but when we’re two years old, that doesn’t matter.  It’s magical.  It will stay magical for a few years before that two year old learns about materialism and consumerism and a few other beginning isms and becomes a proper child on the treadmill to adulthood.


Being two is pretty magical, isn’t it?


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