Morality, the masses, and reality

23 Nov

Watching the news regarding Black Friday sales, it’s dawned on me that most people absolutely do not give a shit about what they do to get what they want.

Morality seems to be non-existent.  So does humanity.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I am a very prudent shopper, often waiting as long as a year to get what I want at an appropriate price.  I’m picky, but I care more than just about the price.

I want quality and customer service too.  I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to duke it out over a bin of cell phones or iPods or whatever.  I don’t need anything bad enough to act like a starving hyena.  I also don’t need anything bad enough to deal with rude retail staff.  I refuse to buy a second product, no matter how attractive the price is, if I receive crappy customer service.

Yeah, that means that I refuse to buy certain items because of customer service.  I’ll never own another Tassimo and wouldn’t purchase one if it was $5, at a Black Friday sale or otherwise, because I’ve had such horrible experience, both with their online retail operation and with customer support for the coffee maker itself.  Yes, I loved the coffee maker, but it didn’t make such good coffee when I had the bitter taste of THAT experience in my mouth.

I’m just like everyone else, I have to stretch my dollars as far as possible.  Sometimes, we do without.  Sometimes, the sole deciding factor in purchase decisions is the almighty dollar…and sometimes the decision is we-can’t-afford-it.  But to duke it out over a bin of…cellphones?  C’mon!

Why not turn the whole thing into a treasure hunt instead?  Make it fun and a case of getting lucky rather than who can throw the best left hook.  Drawings for the opportunity to purchase one of the limited number items at the special price, with additional entries for every $XX amount spent or something.  Hidden coupons for $XX off a single item, maybe?

Something more civilized.  Something less lethal too.

Anything but this horrible Black Friday national fight.


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