Smart men are incredibly stupid

9 Nov

Yeah, I know that headline is inflammatory.  It’s supposed to be.  Maybe it will get the attention of a few smart men that I know that are incredibly stupid.  They need to have their attention snatched.  Maybe they need their ears boxed.

It isn’t just the young smart guys either.  It’s the whole lot of them!  Sometimes, they just don’t entirely engage all of their brain before they post something on the internet, present an idea to a group, or do something else that blatantly illustrates the fact that they just plain don’t have a clue.

Here’s a surprise for everyone too, if they hadn’t already noticed.  Usually, the blatantly stupid idea is somehow referring to sex in an inappropriate manner.   I think that they haven’t entirely recognized the fact that while sex sells…it cannot and should not be used to sell some ideas.

In English, whether you are using American English or some other dialect of English, there are a lot of words that can march around like double edged swords, leaving the listener wondering which meaning was actually intended, or contributing some raunchy humor to a situation that shouldn’t have had raunchy attached to it.  Some concepts, especially in puritanical America, just don’t fly when inappropriately associated with other ideas.

What ideas are these?

Anything that refers to our higher self.  I don’t care what religion you are, what your concept of “spirit” is, whether you call it a soul or a kangaroo, we tend to kind of hold these higher self concepts to be above our baser selves.  And guess what?

We include our sexual aspects with our baser selves.

Now I realize that the word “intercourse” can also refer to a conversation with someone.  That’s entirely correct.  However, that word is rarely used in any other context other than one with a sexual overtone in modern American English.  If you send me an email explaining that recently you have had intercourse with an angel/alien/God/higher power, a conversation isn’t going to be what I’ve got in my head.  I’m going to be wondering whether or not I should continue reading that message.

When you tell me you are going to attend/teach/write something called “Sexploration”, I’m not going to think it has a thing to do with the higher self.  I’m probably going to assume that it has something to do with sex education.  That means the person that is looking for something that explains about their higher self is going to miss what you have to say, while the person looking for sex is going to be dismayed to discover that it is nothing about sex and everything about the higher self.  That’s about as brilliant as taking a box of salt and labeling it as sugar.  Sure, they look a lot alike, but they are used in entirely different ways.  You won’t have happy customers.  I wouldn’t be happy to discover that my minor child or spouse was attending a class called “Sexploration”, without even knowing what the course was actually teaching, whereas if it was a class called “Spiritual Exploration”, I’d not be alarmed at all, and would be curious about the content.  That’s why consumers like truth in advertising, guys.  People like to know what they are contemplating buying.

Get a clue, guys!

Don’t tell me that I should masturbate myself into learning about self-love and my relationship with God either.  I’m going to think you are some kind of pervert.  I don’t care if  you’ve added some long winded explanation about how to masturbate means to caress yourself with self-love.  You are just digging a deeper hole and erecting a bigger sign that says “I do not have a clue“.

America is already too fixated on sex and youth.  Look at the political arena.  It seems half the population is worried that their neighbors might be a) having sex with someone that is the same gender or b) might be married to someone of the same gender  or c) their spouse is about to leave them for someone of their same gender.  We don’t need to spend MORE time fixating on sex, guys!  Maybe focusing on our higher selves will allow us to actually quit spending so much time focusing on what kind of sex someone else is having that might be more interesting than what we are or aren’t having.

Our higher self.

It’s what some would call our spiritual self.  That’s the one that focuses on the non-physical aspects of being a person.  That’s things like eternity, love, exploring our infinite reality, exploring the concept of a higher power, and all of those other things that don’t do much for food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, clothes to wear…or a sexual partner.  Why debase this higher self with connections to our lower self that we’re already used to hearing the call from?

When sex is associated with spirituality, it’s always in a very negative context.  It doesn’t work.  It has never worked.  In our current society, that’s not going to change.  Out of all of the changes that I think our society SHOULD have…this one isn’t on the list for me.

Sex isn’t evil.  It’s part of our physical existence, and when we are focusing on our non-physical aspects, we are still novices, or at least most of us are.  We have a hard enough time managing the Golden Rule in our daily existence, we sure don’t need to try to figure out how to integrate sex and our higher selves yet.

Leave the higher self on its pedestal.  It’s important to us that it stays there, above our physical needs, separate from our mundane existence.  It’s special, we like to see it treated that way.  If sex is the only thing that gets our attention, we’re probably not ready to devote some serious effort into our exploration of our higher self, and your efforts will fall on deaf ears beyond the sex part.


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