Talking the talk or walking the walk?

5 Feb

I hear a lot of people parroting words these days, on a lot of topics from living greener to increased consciousness and enlightenment.  I’ve heard others talk about things they “believe” to be true.

It confuses me.  Immensely.

When I believe something to be true, I act as though it is true too.  I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, therefore, I plan on daylight during certain hours.  This, to me, is  a truth.

I believe I’m getting older too, therefore, I’m not making plans on things to do that are more for the youth.  I’m not hoping to go backpacking across Europe next summer, nor make an assault on Mount Everest.  Those kinds of things are best left to those younger than me.  I act like someone who is “ever so much more than twenty.”

I seek greater consciousness, enlightenment, and wisdom.  I don’t fly off the handle often, and try not to even when provoked.  I succeed more often than I fail, because I believe that greater tolerance, increased understanding, and behaving as though I’m seeking a higher consciousness is a good thing.  I don’t meditate as often as I should, and sometimes I hit the frustration wall faster than I’d like too.  I don’t believe that name calling, accusations of misbehavior, and judging others is a part of that search for higher consciousness either, so I avoid doing those things as best I can.

I believe in life after death, even if we’re not able to do much research on it, define it, or measure it.  I think our soul is eternal, and I believe that if I fail to learn my lessons in this life, I’ll have to repeat the lessons again in the next one.  I’m pretty sure that in past lives, I’ve had a number of failures in learning them, otherwise, some of my lessons in this one wouldn’t have been so hard.  I believe I’ve made some progress in this life though too.  That’s a good thing, I hope.

I believe in prophecies too.  Sometimes they are short term ones, sometimes they are long ones.  “Fortune telling” is nothing more than a short term “prophecy.”  Not all prophets are created equally though either.  Sometimes even good ones leave out some tough stuff.  Sometimes, we’re just not supposed to know what lies ahead, otherwise, we’d miss our chance to learn our spiritual lessons.

Many people have had “prophetic” dreams.  Usually these dreams seem to be warnings, such as about a plane crash or something.  People tend to either believe the warning or not.  It’s their choice.  But believing the warning means that they take some kind of action, or should.  If I have a dream that I will fall down and break my leg if I climb the oak tree wearing sandals, and I believe it, do  you think I’m going to wear sandals of any kind and climb that tree?  Of course not, I’m going to wear some kind of shoe better suited to the tree climbing than a pair of sandals!

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how they believe this or that prophecy, and they are usually predicting some kind of disaster.  The prophetic vision may have arrived to them in a dream or been relayed by someone they hold in high esteem.  While I don’t think that December 21, 2012 is our doomsday, we’ll use that for an example since it has been everywhere.

Jane believes that the world is ending on December 21st of this year.  She tells everyone about it, she talks about it incessantly, until her friends want to glue her lips together with glue.  She has frightened her family with the doomsday talk, and others fear for her sanity.  At the same time, she’s paying into her retirement fund, planning her vacation for 2013, and adding to her savings account for Christmas.  She has made reservations and bought her plane tickets for the Christmas holidays.

How can she say she believes the world is coming to an end on that day in December when she has made post-doomsday plans?

If you believe something is true, either act on it or shut up.

I’m like a lot of other people.  I’m really weary of hearing about how this thing or another thing is going to happen, whether its rising ocean levels from global warming to economic disaster to the arrival of zombies, while the person in question continues with their life as though there was no approaching disaster.

If you believe something to be true, and you are going to talk the talk, it’s a quarter past time to walk the walk.  That translates to act like it is a truth instead of being a hypocrite.  We have enough hypocrites in Washington D.C.


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