Dream or nightmare?

27 Jan

A few days ago, or nights rather, I had a crazy nightmare or dream.  It was quite elaborate, set in the dark, and was like something from a B Hollywood movie, actually.  The biggest difference is that in my dream state, special effects are quite good and don’t cost a thing!

It was at night, and I walked into a mall from a side entrance.  This entrance went into a bar, where a very nice man offered me advice and his protection and assurance that I could leave.  The most distinguishing feature of the man, besides that he was bald and the bartender, was that he also had a tattooed head.  His head was tattooed to look like a comic book super hero.  That alone is pretty high on the “freaky-weird” scale, as I have never seen anyone tattooed in such a manner.

Starting out in the mall, it seems that my goal was to rescue Greg from himself.  He was in some sleepwalking/zombie like state where he was happily going along with the idea of being turned into a three dimensional paper doll, not unlike the lightly stuffed gingerbread men I used to make for garlands out of kraft paper and paint.  Obviously, I was not thrilled with the idea.

The problem was that this mall was massive, with an amazingly convoluted set of halls, corridors, nooks, crannies, small shops ala flea markets, bars, and psychopaths.  In addition to this maze and the people who weren’t too crazy about me and would have liked to do me in, Greg was happily pursuing the paper doll transforming shop himself and on the occasions I managed to get him and drag him along with me, there was a steady parade of creepy characters who would come along to try and steal him away from me as I tried to make my way back to the bar with the man with the tattooed head.

It was like a Nintendo game crossed with a horror movie.

I woke up several times as I shouted at Greg or whoever, the sound of my own voice startling me.  I’d reach out and touch him, making sure he was really still there as he slept peacefully, despite my nocturnal and peculiar mental wandering.  As soon as I’d drift off, I’d return to the bizarre bazaar where I still sought the man with the tattooed head…and Greg.

I found many bars, from cheery country western ones to loud techno-rock ones, ones with pool tables and freaks, and many with regular joe working men.  They were all the wrong bar though, and I couldn’t get out of this place without the help of the man with the tattooed head, or I would risk a worse fate outside the building and far from where I had left my car.

That was the other thing, I was driving a battered blue sedan, a vehicle I have never owned in my entire life.  Dented, rusty, and very sky blue, it had a maroon interior too.  The locks didn’t work, there was a missing passenger window, and all in all, it was a pretty pathetic car to be driving.  Even so, I needed to exit the building near where I had left it, for that was our method of escaping this hellish place, and to get to that car, I needed the man with the tattooed head.

There were many shops selling junk and trashy merchandise, like the worst booths from a flea market, with the most elaborately peculiar or downright evil characters inside.  It seemed there were no customers, just the characters trying to steal Greg and myself wandering around this mall, besides the array of people hanging out in the bars.

Most dreams, no matter how peculiar or weird, fade from memory after a few hours of being awake.  Once in a while, one just catches your attention though, and no matter how hard you may try to shake it, it just won’t go away, lingering in your mind and occasionally replaying fragments like trailers from a movie.  That’s how this one as been, almost like that annoying song that you keep hearing in your head.

Do these kinds of dreams mean anything?

My personal experience has been that these elaborate dreams that stick with us are not prophetic per se.  Often, however, they can contain a meaning or message from our subconscious about what is going on in our lives though.  Dream symbology is complex though, and understanding that message may take much time, and even the help of someone skilled at interpreting dreams to truly get to the heart of the matter.

Essentially, the dream has me in a lost scenario, I’m struggling to find my way through something I don’t really understand, and it’s filled with obstacles that are even more confusing and incomprehensible to me.  There is a sense of evil or potential for evil too.  There is also the feature of Greg being at risk, that he is unaware of what he’s doing, and I’m not sure what kind of message that could be, nor why I am the only one who can save him.  The man with the tattooed head, I’m sure there is a lot of symbology there, but I have NO clue what that could be.  Maybe it is related to the cartoon superheroes, or maybe something else.  This character definitely represents  safety and assistance though, if I could only find my way there, which is apparently easier said than done.

In terms of dream representation, I have occasionally interpreted dreams for others.  I’m not an expert dream interpreter, and it’s more a case of seeing it from the outside when someone asks for me to do it.  For some reason, it is much easier to see the message in someone else’s dream than it is to see it in my own.  I don’t use books and lists of the symbology–I am suspicious of these set interpretations of features within the dreams.  Maybe I tune into my psychic side for the answers, or maybe it’s just plain intuition about the dream–I can’t answer that.  I usually just listen to their account of the dream, tell them I’ll think about it a bit, and then come back with the answer later.

How each person reacts to these vivid but peculiar dreams is a very individual thing.  I’ve known many people who were quite alarmed by them, and regarded them as prophetic or as an omen of some kind.  I don’t agree with this outlook–the dreams, with all of their elaborate fixtures, characters, locations and events, are not set in the reality we know.  Perhaps they are a representation of our psychic side, denied in our cognitive state, but allowed to send a convoluted message by our subconscious.  Perhaps its nothing more than our imaginations at work with our subconscious too.  Some people have suggested that vivid dreams have been induced by our highly active sun and it’s magnetic storms too, sending waves of energy towards our planet.

Whatever they are, I can’t see this one becoming a novel or a Hollywood movie–it’s just too weird, and ultimately without a plot or meaning.  Now the man with the tattooed head…I could see him set in a movie or novel.  He’s just weird enough to be some eccentric character delivering someone from evil!

So, have the recent sun spots given you vivid dreams?  What kinds of dreams bother you the most?


2 Responses to “Dream or nightmare?”

  1. Cathy October 31, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    I dreamt of a man with a bald head which was tattoed who was giving me advice. Did you ever get any insight into your similar dream. It was intriguing. He was standing with a friend and they deal me two playing cards. The one was of the King of Sapdes and the other was a two and I turned to his friend and said… Oh.. I know what those mean. They mean Im going to meet an older man and marry him and then the baldheaded tattoed guy turned to me and told me a few things, which I cant remember what they were…… however, the most intriguing part was the tattoed head. Any thoughts? Thanks Cathy

    • giascott November 1, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

      To be honest, I had actually forgotten about the dream with the man with the tattooed head until you posted your comment. For me, writing about it seemed to send the memory of the dream into a more peaceful realm.

      As for figuring out what the dream meant–no, I haven’t. Sometimes, it takes me some time to put a dream into perspective with my life and what is going on with me. Maybe that’s part of the way dreams work too, with no easy answers and forcing us to be a bit patient as we drift through the dreams and coordinate our lives. One important facet of understanding our dreams and what they mean (or don’t mean!) is to keep a dream log, along with our comments as we work on deciphering the messages the dreams bring to us. Just don’t expect an easy answer for each and every dream, and sometimes, I honestly think our dreams are nothing more than elaborate fiction to entertain us in our sleep. Maybe this was one, maybe it wasn’t, as for now…it remains uninterpreted and mysterious.

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