Paula Deen, diabetes, obesity, and me

18 Jan

Paula Deen is getting dissed left and right via every news wire I encounter online.


Because she DARED to keep a health condition private.

What in the world is wrong with these people, seriously?  Do they think that everything everyone does as a public personality has to reflect the personality’s private concerns and opinions and behaviors?

Seriously.  It’s a no brainer why Paula Deen didn’t say anything–look at what is being said NOW!

“It’s her cooking that caused it.”

Bulls***.  Her cooking didn’t cause diabetes.  It didn’t cause obesity.  It didn’t make me fat either.  It also didn’ t give you diabetes or heart failure or fat cells.

Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t make me fat.  McDonalds didn’t make me fat.

Eating too much makes us fat.  It doesn’t matter what you are eating, at a certain point of that consumption, you WILL get fat.  It can be Paula Deen’s cooking, or that nasty food from the hospital cafeteria designed by a dietitian with no regards for taste and appeal, but it will still make you get fat if you eat enough of it.  To diss Paula’s cooking as the reason for any of it is just plain stupid.

It’s sort of like me claiming that the reason that I’m broke is because of the bank.  See how far that one will get you when you get an overdraft because you spent too much money.

So we all love high fat foods on occasion.  There is nothing wrong with that.  They taste good, we’re hard wired to LIKE them.  We don’t have to feel guilty about their consumption, but we do need to exercise reason when it comes to consumption.  I can’t eat chocolate bars for every meal, it’s just not healthy.  That doesn’t mean that chocolate is bad!

I have a great deal of respect for Paula Deen.  She is a woman who has made her mark on the world despite the cards being stacked against her.  She has done well for herself.  She has some impressive recipes, and she also has some that I just do not care for.  I’ve used some of her recipes as the foundation for creations of my own, mixing in and mixing out to create something I like and enjoy.

Just because Paula Deen does it one way does not mean that that is the ONLY way I can ever do it.  No one cooking personality has all of the answers.  No one diet has all of the cures.

If it was that easy, we’d have Man Kibble for Men, and Woman Kibble for Women, and we’d be done with it.  Federally mandated dietary allowances packed into one convenient bite sized chewable chunk, ready to eat, no cooking required, no possibility of obesity or other diet related illnesses.

From the way I’ve seen some of the Food Hitlers out there acting over Paula Deen’s announcement, I think that’s what they would like to see happen.

But that aside, I have to shake my head.  Paula Deen didn’t eat the foods she was shown cooking on television every day, I’m sure.  Just like someone who has a cake show doesn’t eat vast chunks of cake daily, I personally have found that if it’s something I’m cooking a LOT of and often…I sure as heck don’t want to eat it!  Now it is possible that Paula swung by Taco Bell on her way home for a Taco Grande (is there such a thing?  I’m not even sure!) and that was the problem.  Maybe it was a pound of chocolate bonbons that got her going–I have no way of knowing, as to my knowledge, I’ve never met Paula myself.

Even so, Paula is facing this problem head on, as I am sure she knew what kind of a stir it would cause.  I give her credit for that too.  It’s another “speed bump” of life she’s conquering.  She’s doing well, and that gives me hope too.

Yeah, me too.  I love cooking, good food, friends, I’m overweight, and I will develop diabetes some time in the next thirty years.  I think I’m going to blame it on Emeril Lagasse.  I ate at his restaurant in New Orleans once, so surely it’s his fault, right?

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