Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Welcome to 2012, folks, the year that has long been designated as the year of our demise.  Personally, I don’t intend that to be so, so we are gearing up for another year towards making this world a better place.

Greg and I have been working on a lot of things in the past three years, and our ideas are becoming more than dreams each day, with a “little help from our friends” as the saying goes.  We hope this year sees some of them becoming far more tangible and begin to bear fruit soon too.

So a few prayers, a lot of dreaming, and even more hard work will all come together during the coming year, regardless of what we do or don’t do as far as “New Year’s Resolutions” go.

What is up with those anyhow?  Does anybody ever pay attention to them past the 16th of January?

I’ve never heard anyone give an update on their New Year’s resolutions either.  From an informal polling of friends, here’s what I seem to get as the “Top Ten” of resolutions, if you are in need of inspiration.

  1. Lose weight/go on a diet/get in shape/eat healthier
  2. Save money/Pay off debt
  3. Get a job/get promoted/get a raise
  4. Change relationship status (married/divorced/single)

Okay, so they are only four for our top ten, but guess what?  Most of them aren’t “fun” things.  They are boring and stressful things.  So…I’m going to do it different.

  1. Eat chocolate more often, like daily.
  2. Avoid boring and confrontational people.
  3. Kiss Greg a lot.
  4. Kiss my granddaughter a lot.
  5. Kiss my daughter even though she doesn’t like it much.
  6. Laugh every day.
  7. Do fun things at least once a month.
  8. Go camping more often.
  9. Go fishing more often.
  10. Find a hobby I enjoy.

Okay, so they aren’t any of them “yucky” stuff.  Most of them are actually beneficial, actually.  The chocolate one…well, I’ll LIKE it anyhow!  Basically, I feel that I need more joy and laughter in my life, and less stress and aggravation.  It wouldn’t hurt Greg either.  I want the people I love to FEEL the love, and always feel secure in it too.  There is nothing wrong with that either.

For me, claiming to strive towards loving everyone is preposterous.  I don’t, I can’t, and pretending to do so is silly.

The kind of emotion I feel towards the masses cannot be described as “love” in any sense of the word that I understand.  I don’t love my neighbor or a stranger walking down the road.  I can, however, respect them, assist them, and treat them with courtesy.  I am no saint and never will be.

I’m a normal human being, and I have perfectly normal problems.  I also have the normal ability to feel emotions, including anger, disappointment, resentment, and misery.  Accepting the bad with the good is necessary, otherwise, we would never recognize the good!

With that said, I need to find some chocolate and go chill for a bit.

Have some chocolate…smile at something, and rejoice in laugh lines.  They look a helluva lot better than the frozen face syndrome anyhow!



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