Santa Claus

19 Dec

Santa Claus…he’s a beloved character.  Even so, many people think that letting him be a part of our Christmas celebration is something that is bad and teaches their children that their parents lie, and that they should not believe in things that they cannot see, like God.

I think it’s all in how Santa Claus is eventually explained and defined, really.  I believe in Santa Claus myself, and I also believe that Santa Claus is a very important part of our Christmas celebration, even if the very young children don’t understand what he is all about.

You see, Santa Claus embodies the perfect Spirit of Giving and Charity.  You wonder how?

Santa Claus gives, in total anonymity, without any expectations of appreciation or reciprocation.  He IS the way we should all give, not only at Christmas, but each and every day of our lives.  Granted, Santa spends all year preparing for his big giveaway, but the rest of us don’t have to do that.

The myth of Santa, with the stories of giving only to good little boys and girls, is a fairy tale.  We all love it, and as children we look forward to his arrival, with great anxiety about whether or not we’ve really been good, or if he knows about that terrible, awful thing we did.  Maybe he’ll forgive us and not hold it against us come Christmas Eve, but then again…what if he doesn’t?

Then too, Santa doesn’t give equally to all children, even within the same neighborhood.  Sometimes, at big family gatherings, he doesn’t give equally to all of the children present either.  This too is explained.  Santa does not want the parents to feel bad about being poor, so he doesn’t give gifts greater than the things that the parents could give, nor does he give gifts that the family can’t afford to keep, such as ponies and kittens and dogs.

Sometimes, Santa gifts arrive differently.  In today’s world, there are millions and millions of children around the world, all of which deserve a gift.  Because of this, sometimes he has to use others to help him deliver the gifts.  They may arrive early, even though he prefers that they arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and once in a while, they’ll arrive late when things don’t go exactly right.  If for some reason, the family is caught by circumstances or weather away from home, (it does happen sometimes!) then he may just leave the gifts at their home, with a few gifts or a stocking where they are at, or maybe everything is at their home.  He does this to make it a bit easier for families who are traveling, so that they don’t have to carry their gifts home when they return.  Santa also thinks its wonderful when a family gets to have a second Christmas when they return home.  Santa has also been known to use agents such as a local church or charity to deliver gifts to the family, and if they are very poor, he will often include food in their gifts.

Because Santa has so very much work to do all year, many times parents have to help him make sure that there are enough toys and treasures for all of the children of the world too.  That’s why it’s important to help with charities such as Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and other charities that help Santa make sure that every boy and girl has a Christmas present.

As we get older, sometimes Santa stops bringing gifts each and every year.  That doesn’t mean we’re not still good though.  It just means that he knows we don’t mind if we don’t get a gift, and he can give his attention to someone else who needs it.  Santa has also been known to leave a stocking for someone, all stuffed full of treats and small treasures, and a note about which toy and who that toy was given to, rather than bringing them a present.  I think this is a lovely idea, and I’ve even heard of many people who have sent a letter to Santa asking him to do just that.  Sometimes, boys and girls who have many toys and don’t really need a new toy will also ask Santa to do that.

Santa sometimes asks us to do things for others at Christmas time too, just like he does.  Everyone can do something nice for someone, even children.  It can be something small, like helping an elderly neighbor rake up leaves or shovel snow, or it can be something bigger like helping at a soup kitchen or shelter.  Sometimes, he asks us to donate money too, or to buy a gift and donate it to one of his helpers.

Santa is just that.  When we’re young and don’t have the ability to understand, we worry about what Santa is going to bring us.  When we are older, we begin to understand what Santa Claus really represents.  As adults, we can enjoy Santa, and let him remind us about what giving is really all about.

I believe in Santa Claus!


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