Terrorism and me

14 Dec

I’m concerned about a lot of things, especially anything that either smacks of anarchy or of the impingement of our rights as American citizens.  I’ve always felt very fortunate to have been born in America.  I like my country, but I don’t like some things I see happening.

For the very first time in my life, I have heard the words “civil war” in terms of what is potentially ahead in this country.

What does that mean?

That means there are a lot of people who think that civil war is potentially a very real event in the coming years.

Why would I care about that?

Because I live here, and in a civil war situation, each and every one of us would be affected, either by actual armed combat occurring in our own communities, but by the complete disruption of the national economy, shipping of supplies, etc.  In other words, it’s going to seriously impinge on our ability to live a “normal” life in any sense of the word.  In addition to that, every man and woman would be involved in the combat, leaving only the disabled, elderly, and very young to “hold down the home fort.”

Can we say starving, children?

How about freezing to death in winter?

Fuel for the car? Not likely.

Even more concerning immediately is issues that can potentially shift the scales even faster towards the anarchy of civil war, such as the idea that any American citizen, without due process of law, could be detained indefinitely by the military without recourse.  This is a civilian nightmare, and looking at it, it is almost as though the current Congress is preparing this nation to crush the idea of freedom and push everyone towards falling into line with whatever orders the government issues.

I’m an independent soul, and that’s just not right.  It’s seriously not right, and to take a line from a Willie Nelson song, “that shit ain’t right.”

We need all three branches of our government to remain separated and intact.  The military is not a branch of our government–it is merely an enforcing arm, and its actual intention is not to be used against law abiding citizens, but rather against foreign insurgents.

America is losing faith in our federal government.  Most people are now somewhat fearful of it–especially as the news of these long lists of organizations that have been designated as “terrorists” are growing ever longer.  Some of the groups on the list?  Local militias, Oath Keepers, Tea Party…and the Occupy Movement.  Basically, anybody who has voiced an opinion that does not agree with the federal government is now a “terrorist” organization.

Add in those who advocate for gun rights, those who advocate for emergency preparedness, those who keep food stored on hand, survivalists, homesteaders, home schoolers, environmentalists, alternative energy advocates…the list just goes on and on.  Basically, 99% of our nation is not only in the same economic groups as the Occupy Movement’s, but we’re all also on the “terrorist” list.

I don’t know if those who claim that massive concentration camps have been erected and staffed with a skeleton staff are right or not.  The idea that they might be right even 10% of the time with the number of locations that have been identified as such is bone chilling.  Why would our government think of sending large numbers of people, including families with children, to these “camps” that are really nothing more than large prisons?  They have never shown any signs of making anything resembling a sincere effort at rounding up illegal foreign nationals, and if they did…they should be deported, not housed long term in massive camps, so the only other possibility is that it is intended for American citizens.

Who would they round up first?  Which group would they target?  Would they really try to round up every member of every group identified as a “terrorist” group?

I’m not a terrorist.  I don’t like violence, and don’t regard it as a real viable solution.  I would never either advocate or support any bombing or anything else that damaged property or caused death or injury to others.  I’m a mother and grandmother, and I always remember that everyone is someone’s child and grandchild.  I believe in using the system to cause change, and our forefathers put a system into place to do just that.  Through apathy and at the hands of misinformation, we have allowed ourselves to lose many rights and have the federal government monitoring and dictating more facets of our lives than ever before.  It’s time for citizens to stand up and demand action from the politicians that are supposed to represent us.

I don’t advocate anarchy–it’s my worst nightmare.  I like having a “normal” life.  I like the security of going to buy gas, food, or anything else any day of the week, without worries about supplies being available.  I like electricity, sewer systems, water, cable, internet, telephone…and all of the other conveniences that are a result of a stable infrastructure that would be disrupted by anarchy.  Anarchy is the inevitable result of a civil war.  I strongly support solving problems before somebody gets trigger happy and angry, and we have bitten off something that will tear this country, families, and our entire world apart.

But never forget, I do believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  I am especially passionate about free speech, the right to peacefully assemble, and the right to bear arms.  I have tried to do the right thing my entire life, even when it wasn’t so easy to do it.  I’ve paid the price over and over again, because doing the right thing is not financially lucrative.  It would be so much easier to fudge on my own code of conduct, but I haven’t.

Am I perfect? Obviously not.  Am I a law abiding citizen?  I try very hard to stay within the letter of the law, and more importantly, within the spirit of the law.

Do I agree with all of them? No.  Some of them I think are actually wrong, but until we can get them changed, we’re stuck living within that rule.  These laws, and the citizens abiding by them, is what makes us manage to be “civilized”.  The laws are a code of conduct, a guideline to ensure that everyone is allowed to live their lives without having excessive interference from others, be they a neighbor or the federal government.

I think those days are done.  If we don’t stand up and demand the right to choose our own food, our own property rights, our own rights to live our lives in “the pursuit of happiness”, we’re not going to have them.

Very few of us are terrorists.  Very few of us would deliberately cause harm to anyone else.  Yes, there are some who would, and those people should be identified and monitored, but at the same time, how can any of us justify some federal agency deciding who is or isn’t dangerous?  The feds have failed us over  and over in this, we’ve seen it in Oklahoma City, New York, and countless other places.  We know they lie to us…for “national security” reasons, right?

I’ve paid attention to the Occupy Movement.  I haven’t shown up to an Occupy Movement demonstration, nor have I donated money.  I’m not in the position in which I can do either one.  But, I have “shared” information in public forums, I’ve made comments about them, and I’m undoubtedly perceived as at least a sympathizer.  They are right.  I do sympathize with their goals, I do see how they are being managed in terms of how they are being reported in the news.  I’ve seen the passage of misinformation and disinformation.  Am I certain that this is what this country needs? No.  I am concerned about a movement that has no leaders, no spokesmen or women, and lacks well defined goals that are publicly stated.  At the same time, I can understand the reasons for a leaderless movement.

I advocate for the right to bear arms, to be prepared, and to be pro-active in terms of working to get laws changed to meet the will of the people.  I believe in standing up for what we believe in.  I believe in fighting within the system.

I’m also appalled at the lack of concern from the federal government in terms of the Mexican drug gangs and their invasion of the United States.  I’m disgusted at the lack of enforcement in regards to illegal foreign nationals from the federal government.  I deplore a government that can’t stay within its budget while we’re still passing out aid to foreign countries.  I hate the lingering unemployment and lack of industry within the USA.

I’m a little uncertain about the idea that anyone would regard me, a liberal-conservative on even numbered days, and a conservative-liberal on odd numbered days, as a potential terrorist.  It’s laughable on one hand, but on the other, it’s horrifying.  What a waste of effort and attention…and how many others are like me, no more a threat to the federal government than falling leaves from a tree in fall.

But maybe that’s the key too.

ONE falling leaf isn’t a big deal.

Neither is a hundred.

But…if there are enough falling leaves, then they can actually block a road and choke a river.


One Response to “Terrorism and me”

  1. Victoria Farrell z December 20, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    The Patriot Act for the first time in this country s history allows our military forces to be used against its own citizens.

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