Free will

9 Dec

Free will.

We all LIKE to think that we have free will.  Most of us are SURE we have free will.  But…do we really?

Let’s make a whole bunch of assumptions right off the bat, just for purely hypothetical purposes.  Let’s assume that aliens really do abduct humans, perform experiments on them, and lay out plans for certain events to occur.  The aliens have a rule or law that they cannot interfere with our free will, we don’t have to know the reasons for this rule.

So they have an abductee we’ll call Joe.  Now Joe goes through life, happily only semi-aware of his contact with aliens.  He meets a girl and gets married, but that girl is not one of the people being abducted by aliens.  They really want him to marry a girl from another group of abductees, we’ll call that group C.  In order for Joe to meet and marry a girl from Group C, they have to figure out a way to get him to end the marriage with the first girl.

They then abduct the girl, who is highly traumatized by the experience, and the aliens make it as dramatic as possible with highly contradictory messages and behaviors.   They convince her that she’s special, that Joe is evil, that she has a higher consciousness, and that Joe has never had contact with aliens.  In a few short months, the seeds they have sown have grown.  She’s deluded herself into a strong case of grandeur, become disdainful of Joe, and their marriage is on the rocks.  It doesn’t take much and it comes to an end, freeing Joe from the bonds of his marriage, as the aliens’ agenda with him had dictated.

Now the aliens had another problem.  Joe was in the wrong geographical area to meet one of the girls from Group C.  How can they overcome this hurdle?

They let him retain a few brief memories of his abduction experiences and watch him.  He becomes curious, rather than frightened, and then he seeks out others to talk of aliens and abductions.  He then meets several girls from Group C, who had also been allowed to retain a few innocuous memories of their experiences.  He soon becomes quite attracted to one of them, and they agree to meet.  There is a long distance courtship with occasional meetings, and then the relationship becomes serious.  Someone needs to move.

Joe is from Group H.  His new girlfriend is from Group C.  Group H is focused in the Pacific Northwest at this time.  Group C is in the Mid-West.  While distances are irrelevant to the aliens, it is more convenient to have their subjects grouped together geographically, just as we’d group similar books together on our bookshelf.  Joe is being moved to Group K because of the experiments that will focus on him, as will his girlfriend.  Group K is located in the Southwest.

Now remember, there has to be free will in this scenario.  Joe and the girl became attracted to each other via free will, not as a result of his first marriage’s manipulation into ending, nor of the engineering of his encounter online with other abductees leading to his meeting the girl.  He also has to choose of his own free will to marry this girl and relocate to the Southwest.  They cannot be forced to choose this path.

Joe has a job he really likes.  He has been there for several years, he has been promoted twice, and is due for another promotion.  He finds the job challenging and rewarding, and his pay is reasonably good, with expectations of raises in the future as he moves up the ladder.  He likes his co-workers too, and he’s also pleased with the company’s philosophies and business practices.  He has bought a house since he was divorced, and he really likes the new house.  He is in love with Janice, and wants to marry her.  He is certain that she is the right one for him, and that she truly understands him and has his best interests at heart.

The girlfriend, Janice, has a rewarding career as well.  She too has a house she has owned for a couple of years.  She has a car, and a circle of friends who share her interests and values.  She also has no reason to want to leave her current job and location.  She is, however, madly in love with Joe, and deeply desires a marriage and life with him.

They decide to get married and maintain the long distance relationship by the use of telecommuting to work and traveling back and forth.  That allows them to spend almost every weekend together, as well as about two weeks out of each month.  It’s expensive, but it is working for now while they try to decide which one is going to relocate.

Then, Joe is injured at work as the result of a freak accident caused by a series of errors from other employees.  He is unable to work, and it is unlikely he’ll ever return to his former job.  Janice is traumatized by this, and they make plans for him to move to her house, where she can more easily assist him in his recovery and daily life while keeping her job.

In the meantime, there is a fire at her workplace.  With her office closed, and the resulting investigation, it soon is obvious that the company is not going to reopen their facility there.  Janice is now unexpectedly unemployed too.

They are still in shock from this when someone tells them about a new procedure that may help Joe recover fully from his injury, but it is only being performed at a single location in Arizona.   They check into it, and in the process of investigating this, they also discover the “dream job” for Janice within an hour of the facility where Joe would have to visit for his procedures and therapy.   They only hitch to their sudden decision to relocate is being able to sell their houses, and house sales are dismal at that time.

With amazing ease, both houses sell the first week they are listed at just below the asking price.  Joe and Janice are free to move, and the movers pack up their households and they head to Arizona, where they find the perfect house at the perfect price in the perfect location.  Janice has her dream job, and Joe is on the road to recovery from his injury with the new treatment procedures.  Soon, he is ready to return to work, and he too has no trouble finding a job, avoiding the necessity of returning to his former job.  They soon have a life established in the Southwest, with a circle of friends, and then begin to have children.

Was that a choice made via free will?  Or was it merely an illusion of free will?

Joe’s first marriage ended after manipulation by aliens.  Joe met Janice as the result of alien manipulation.  Joe was injured after the situation was manipulated by aliens.  Janice lost her job as a result of a fire and resulting investigation that was also the result of alien manipulation.  The new procedure to treat Joe’s specific injury was the result of alien manipulation.  Their easy sales of their houses was done through alien manipulation.  Finding a new job for Janice was the result of alien manipulation.  Finding their “dream house” was also done with the manipulation of aliens.  Even Joe’s new job after his injury healed was done via alien manipulation, and even their decision to have four children was inspired by alien manipulation.

Joe’s first marriage might have survived alien manipulation, but both he and his first wife agreed to end the marriage.  Joe didn’t have to seek out other alien abductees via an internet chat forum, so he didn’t have to meet Janice there.  Janice didn’t have to pursue a romantic relationship with Joe, nor did he have to reciprocate.  Either one could have refused to move.  Other jobs, in their original communities, could have been found.  They didn’t have to have four children either.  It was all “free will” in a sense.  Or was it?

If you have a large fenced area, the cattle within can have the illusion of free will.  After all, they can go anywhere they like, as long as they stay inside of that fence, right?  They can choose when to eat or drink, when to stand in the sun or lay down in the shade, whether to eat the grass or not.

When it comes time to go to market, they too do so under their free will.  The farmer comes with his herd dogs, and the dogs bark and nip at their heels to drive them into the chute and onto the truck that will haul them away.  They didn’t have to do what the dogs encouraged them to do, now did they?  They could have turned around, and with brute force, pushed their way past the dogs, and returned to their life in the pasture.  So, did they get onto the truck out of free will…or not?

Johnny has just graduated from high school.  He’s eighteen, and while he didn’t get good grades in high school, he did pass his classes.  Even so, he’s not exactly college material, and his parents can’t afford to help pay for college either.   Johnny has looked for a job, but there aren’t any jobs locally that will hire him straight out of high school without any college.  He doesn’t have the money to relocate either.  To make things worse, his family is pressuring him heavily to find a job and move out on his own.  After nearly a year of trying to find a job of any kind, he finally gives  up and joins the military out of desperation to get out of his parental home.  His parents are relieved, they had been feeling a lot of financial strain and it’s one less person under their roof.  Did he join the military out of free will?  After all, he could have stayed home and continued his job search or given up and gone to college.  Nobody made him join the military.

How much of our lives is really controlled by an external force, whether its aliens, the government, our parents, society…whatever outside force instead of being an act of free will?  Are we the product of our environment as we move through life or are we moving through life as a result of free will?

If it isn’t entirely purely random the result of events and circumstances around us, who or what is directing it?  Is it spiritual in nature? Is it aliens?  Is it some secret force from our own government or some secret government we’re not even aware of?  Who’s pulling the strings on those puppets?  Who…or what is the man behind the curtain?

How much free is there in “free will” anyhow?


3 Responses to “Free will”

  1. Debbie December 9, 2011 at 8:07 pm #


    • giascott December 9, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

      I’m not sure which way “wow” was going, but thank you for the comment!

  2. William Menavusar December 23, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    We just have to hope that most of these mistakes they make will cause minimal damage, because the way this went down is not the way I ever wanted my kids to learn a lesson.

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