2012 and the end of the world

4 Dec

I’m a big advocate of emergency preparedness.  It makes sense, I live within 1/2 mile as the crow flies of the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf of Mexico is just beyond that.  We get hurricanes.  Stuff happens as we go down the road of life too.  It makes sense to be prepared, which is probably why that is the Boy Scout Motto too.

But the end of the world?  How can you honestly prepare for that, barring preparing yourself to meet your Maker?

But, it seems that not unlike Harold Camping’s repeated warnings about the Rapture and resulting end of the world…it isn’t going to happen in 2012.  It seems that a mistake was made in translating the stone’s message.

Am I surprised?

Not really.  I didn’t honestly think the Mayans had predicted the day the world ends.  They didn’t even predict their own end, how could they know the end of the world?

I am, however, getting a bit tired of all of these false alarms.  It seems we have an end of the world event every few months, it’s starting to remind me of a Penny’s sale…everything is ALWAYS on sale…at the same price.

We’ve had Y2K, the mysterious Planet X, a sneaky brown dwarf, numerous near earth objects, the Return of the Annunaki, Zombie Apocalypses, Harold Camping’s Raptures, and the Mayan Prophecy hanging over our head like a guillotine with a frayed rope.  I think it’s time we drop that blade and get on with getting on.

Ancient civilizations are interesting and important for the things we learn from them, about our own past.  I don’t, however, think that these ancient civilizations possessed secret advanced knowledge of which we are still seeking.  If they had this magical knowledge, they would not be ancient, as in dead and gone, civilizations, now would they?  They’d be alive and thriving civilizations.  They didn’t take the secret to zero point energy and bury it in an urn in a cave overlooking their ruins either.

We’re not going to have some savior descend from the heavens above to clean up our planet and get us back on track, either.  We’ve got to do that job ourselves, just like some kid who is going to be forced to clean their room.

Humanity needs to take responsibility for it’s own actions and start cleaning up the world we live in, before it’s too late.  Less energy needs invested in “end of the world” nonsense, and more into finding clean, economical solutions to the problems that plague us.  We need to learn how to get along in our giant sandbox without fighting.

I guess, if we really did embark on a real effort to do those things…it would be the end of the world as we know it today.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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