Days like this…

20 Nov

There are days like this, and my mother and grandmother both warned me about them.

Days when you oversleep because you couldn’t go to sleep last night, finally drag yourself out of bed, and discover you have offended your mate with sleep induced rantings about wanting to commit homicide (the victim will remain unknown…) and being abusive by smacking him.  In return, I had been awakened by a returning smack before dawn.  Obviously, we didn’t have good sleep.

Then it was a case of short tempers, testy attitudes, and plenty of friction.  That meant more stress and tension, and therefore…nothing I tried to do went right.

So what do you do on a day like this?

Obviously, nothing critical.  I steered clear of that, as well as anything involving potentially hazardous chemicals or firearms.  I actually went outside and plugged around on my bicycle project, stopping often and resting.  We kept meals simple too, with shredded hash browns and eggs for lunch, and I made a fried bologna sandwich for Greg for dinner.  (Not my fave, but he seems to love them.)  We didn’t go anywhere, except me making a fast store run with the neighbor, and Greg could focus on getting ready for the radio show last night without me creating a distraction.  His guest last night was Ronnie Penque from the New Riders of the Purple Sage.

The evening ended, I accepted the fact that my little toe was probably broken, refused to even consider going to the hospital for a broken toe, and ended up sleeping with a croc on that foot to prevent anything from accidentally touching the injured area.  (It’s a bit painful if anything does, but not too bad as long as I’m not walking and nothing is touching it.)  Me who can’t even stand socks on when I sleep…sleeping with a croc covering my foot.  (it worked, by the way, and I got some decent sleep!)

Now today might not be exciting, all I have planned is to comb my hair and then work on my bike, the coffee is brewing, and it feels like it might be a better day.  I’m going to have to tape up my poor toe, and wear regular shoes if I’m going to ride the bike…but first, I have to get everything back onto the bike.  That may take a while, but I’m not in a hurry.  The whole bike thing is to enjoy, not be in a hurry with it.

It’s Sunday, after all…and Sundays are supposed to be relaxed days!


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