After the honeymoon…

8 Nov

Okay, the honeymoon is over.  We’re returning to “normal” life.

Everybody asks me if it feels different to be married though.  I have to admit…it doesn’t.  The weirdest thing?  Signing my name.  I’m in that limbo stage between married and “old married” with all of my identification, bank accounts, etc. in the legal name.  I guess it will take a while to adapt to that.  Even so, it was nice to drop by the bicycle shop on the way home…and have them recognize us and remember us.  At the bread store, the clerk recognized Greg despite his shearing.

I suppose that was the highlight of the family portion of our time away.  Greg getting sheared.

A neighboring camper on our camping portion of the honeymoon commented about how much Greg looked like a werewolf.  I laughed, I just couldn’t see him as that kind of character…but he was pretty hairy.  He had been growing that crop since June, it is now November.

It’s reminded me of an incident in Ohio in which some Amish men went to the homes of some other Amish men and assaulted them and cut their hair and beards, which are grown out after marriage.  In our case, while the last names were similar, it was still reversed.  Greg had been growing his out prior to the wedding, and it was sheared off towards the end of the honeymoon, no mustache, no goatee, nothing…but short hair.

I recognized him, and  yes, he still has the same babyface he always has had.  I teased him that it looked like he could go sign  up for high school now…as a freshman.  He just doesn’t appreciate his youthful appearance properly is all–in fact he was chomping at the bit after realizing he had two snow white beard hairs that liked to stick out straight from his face.  He thought it made him look like Felix the Cat.  I didn’t see the resemblance, but what do I know?

After his shearing, the daughter remarked that she thought he had had more hair than a Portuguese Water Dog (she’s groomed a lot more dogs than people.)  I said it was too bad he was in such a hurry to cut it all off–another few months, and it would have been long enough to donate for a wig.  As thick as his hair is, it would have supplied enough for an entire wig, and who wouldn’t love to have that wavy, shiny hair for a wig?

Men have no idea what an asset they have sometimes.


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