Mark, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, and our wedding

28 Oct

Mark is our research associate, assistant executive producer, and friend…and lives a considerable distance from where we live.  Too far to drive to join in on our wedding festivities, he can only experience the fun long distance, like a lot of our other friends and family.  Even so, he sent us a gift that has us grinning, despite our woes and worries about the upcoming ceremony and loss of the officiating minister.

That’s where the New Riders of the Purple Sage come in.

You see, we’re having a hippy wedding, and the New Riders obviously date from that era when hippies ruled supreme.  In addition, Buddy Cage, their slide steel guitarist, is appearing on the Dawn of Shades on January 3rd as we wind up the “Music in America” series.  He’s a super nice guy, in addition to being a devoted musician.

Mark went over the top.  He got the entire band to sign a cd to send to us.

With a funny quirk.  You see, “Gia” isn’t a common name…but “Gina” is a lot more common.

So…they addressed the cd to “Greg & Gina”.

In a way, it makes it even more special, because of the mix up on the name.  It’s intended for us, and so what if an extra letter landed in the inscription on the cover?

I know the sentiments are genuine, the intentions were pure, and that’s what really counts.  It’s a super cool wedding gift for a couple who are having a hippy wedding celebration, right?

Now, to just find someone with a portable cd boom box so we can play the cd during our gathering on the beach…and if we don’t find someone, well, a laptop can play it even if the speakers are less-than-wonderful, right?

It’s our special day, and as we frantically wind up on the last minute things for the celebration…we’re getting more excited.  It’s a big deal, even if it’s done with a firm grip on the fun factor.  It’s even more wonderful since our friends and family from near and far are keeping us in their thoughts, sending us wonderful wishes, and hopes for the best in our future together.

I’m even feeling as though the Ladies of Fate are smiling down on us, despite the fact that the original official for our wedding was called away by a serious family illness at the last minute.  We found a replacement this morning, and if we couldn’t have our friend do the honors, she’s the one I would have chosen by choice, so she’s not even “second choice” or a “make-do” solution to our need.  The Rev. Linda Giardelli will be officiating, and our wedding can amazingly go on schedule with no need for “Plan B.”

I’ve been so busy today, I haven’t had time to get nervous…as we deal with last minute details, issues, and regular life stuff.  I guess I’ll save it for 1:45 p.m. tomorrow as we prepare for that big moment with everyone staring at us, right?



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