Wedding plans, hitches and glitches

25 Oct

Every bride knows…what you have in your head at the beginning may not be what you decide on in the end.  You have to compromise, make choices, and sort of make do with some things.

Then come the glitches and hitches.

The first one was the head dress, which probably isn’t the right word, but it was the part of dressing that was for my head.  That involved hair and in the beginning, a flower wreath.  The logistics of the flower wreath became too complex, and in addition, there was the hippy theme that we were sticking with.  I just couldn’t see me slapping a sunflower wreath on my head.  Wildflowers were going to wilt, and so were the florists’ flowers–it was just too far from point a to point b, and the whole bit of sun and sand at the beach.

So…we came up with the bandana and veil idea, and it came out totally perfect.

But on the heels of perfection comes another glitch, a much bigger glitch.

The minister that was going to officiate can’t be there due to a serious illness.  It’s a legitimate reason, and I can’t really be upset about it, but it does mean that we’re now scrambling to find someone else to officiate over the ceremony and make it all legal.  I’m not sure we’re going to get lucky–I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get that part figured out.  I’ve got my fingers crossed, and friends and family alike are helping search.

So then there is plan b and plan c.  Plan b has the ceremony actually occurring on Friday, with just our witnesses.  Plan C has it occurring on Monday, (also Halloween) and we have the ceremony done by a judge or JP on that day.  Not ideal, and it would mean the ceremony on the “wedding” day would be one without any legal basis, according to Mississippi state laws.  A little “weird” but then again, we all do what we have to do, right?

It’s not like we can change the date at this point.  This is when we’ve planned it for months.  This is when people are going to assemble, all to celebrate our “official” wedding.  We have everything else in place…we just need an ordained minister or Justice of the Peace to do the honors.  So…I’m crossing my fingers that someone wants to come join in on a hippy wedding on the beach in Hancock County, Mississippi and see two people who love each other very much make their relationship official and legal in the eyes of the law.

After all, it’s all in the name of Universal Love and Peace, right?

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