Gautier Mullet & Music Fest and Rosco Bandana

17 Oct

Sunday afternoon, we finally made it to the Gautier Mullet & Music Fest.  We love festivals and used to regularly drive out to the latest event, but in the past year, we’ve gotten so we rarely attend anything of the sort as life sweeps us up in its arms.  This year, despite our busy schedule and many claims on our time and attention, we stole away for an afternoon of playing hooky at the Gautier Mullet and Music Fest.

Now for those who don’t realize what a mullet is…we’re NOT talking about the hair cut.  We’re talking about a fish, and a common one at that, not even highly prized.  That’s what this little festival is all about, and free music is a great attraction here on the Gulf Coast.  It certainly coaxed us out of our shells!

When we arrived, Rosco Bandana was playing.  Rosco Bandana is apparently a fairly new local band out of Gulfport, and I was hoping for something that didn’t inspire us to stab our ear drums out with the first available sharp object.  We’ve heard some less-than-wonderful ones over the years, and we’d not heard anything good about the Gulf Coast music scene in the post-Katrina era.  In fact, the rumors and sniping had us sighing and shrugging, completely disinterested in getting out and hearing what was out there.

What a refreshing surprise Rosco Bandana was!

We enjoyed listening to them, and while the crowd may have been light for Saturday afternoon, we didn’t hear anything negative from the crowd either.

Curious about what else we did?  Want to see the photos?

Catch them all at our website!


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