What do you really need to survive?

5 Oct

Today, on Facebook, that social networking forum we all love to hate, especially when they update the format…one of my friends posted a comment asking people to list what they needed to survive and thrive.  Truly needed.  It made me think.

What do I need to survive and thrive?

There are the obvious needs for food, water, shelter, temperature control, cleanliness, and light.  But..we’re a complex thing, humanity, and we really need a bit more than the basics to actually thrive.  That’s the kicker.

We need a society of some sort.  The program I did tonight with Dr. Synthia Andrews, we briefly touched on the whole 2012 and the demonstrations and whole social agony we seem to be enduring right now…and what it means in the big picture.  Now our primary topic was energy, the energy that makes us tick…but there is also an energy field that is “us” as a whole, as humanity.

It’s obvious that we cannot continue as we have been.  It’s not working, we’re suffering through the growing pains as a world society that says it is not working.  We need to figure out why it’s not working, not as a few scattered individuals who will then “fix” it for us, but as a whole, as a world society.

Of course, I have my theory.  I’ve talked about it often in the past year on the radio program.  What is it?

Humanity is not unlike a child.  As a child grows, not all of it’s individual parts grow evenly.  We’ve all seen it, stages where the legs are too long, the ears too big, the nose too small, and the teeth too large.  We are the same intellectually too–kids tend to make leaps and bounds in their educational endeavors unevenly as well, advancing in one area beyond their years, while lagging behind in other areas.

Humanity and our society has been growing, just like a child.  We’ve been focused on our physical reality for the past two hundred or so years, learning about science and technology.  We’ve learned to manufacture goods at amazing rates, to fly to the moon and return, and to create computers that are amazing in their compact size and power.  We can communicate across the planet instantly.  We can fly, we can sail, we can drive, we can take the train.

But we have missed the boat in terms of our non-physical selves.  We’ve neglected that “spiritual” side, bandaged it with religions, and pursued the physical.  Now, we have reached a crisis point, we have got to spend more time and attention on the neglected facet of what a human is, what society is, and what humanity can be.  Without that deficit in our development being remedied, we’re doomed, we’ll be unable to make the changes we need in order for humanity to survive.  Once again, chaos will throw humanity back to the stone age for the process to start all over again.  Do we really need that kind of a slap-down lesson?

Many people believe we’ve made this journey before, time and time again.  There are theories about ancient civilizations and even “pre-civilizations” before them.  There are stories of Atlantis and Mu, theories of Egypt, the Inca, the Maya…

How many times have we stood at this cross roads of development, only to crash?

Is that what these aliens are coming here to watch?

It doesn’t matter if you “believe” in alien visitation, in Mu, in Atlantis…or the Seven Cities of Cibola.  It doesn’t matter if  you are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or worship the battered Coke bottle that fell from the sky.  It doesn’t matter if you barely finished junior high or have a PhD.  It doesn’t even matter if you barely eke out enough of a living to feed yourself hand to mouth or if you sit with a massive stack of gold bricks under your bed.

We’re still all humans, and like it or not, we’re all in this together.  We better learn to get along, we’re kind of running out of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the world is going to *end* on December 21, 2012.  I think I’ll celebrate Christmas and New Year then just the same as always.  But, our lives are going to change, whether President Obama is re-elected or Billy Bob Johnson is elected.  It doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office, really.  It doesn’t even matter which of the “den of thieves” is re-elected to Congress.  (By the way, they’ve long had that sort of nickname applied to both the Senate and House of Representatives, so don’t think we’re the first to be disgusted with the lot of them.)  Our lives are going to change, whether some terrorist blows up all of Washington D.C., whether we have universal health care, whether Social Security is abolished…or not.

It’s up to us to determine what comes next and who’s along for the ride too.  It’s not about genocide–it doesn’t work that way.  It’s about who can adapt to the world we’re all going to be living in…if we’re lucky.  It’s about figuring out new ways to cope with old problems.  It’s about changing the way we interact with our planet, with each other, and with society at large.

We’re not a bunch of small tribes running around with flint arrows anymore.  We better quit acting like we are.

So what do we really need to survive and thrive?

We need the freedom to choose where to live, what to eat, what kind of career path to follow.  We need to be able to get educations.  We need to have access to food, medical care, dental care, clean water, and energy.  We need to provide everyone the best opportunity to be a contributing part of that society too.  We need the freedom to express our spirituality without oppression.  We need the ability to express our feelings, our thoughts, our hopes, and our dreams without oppression too.

We don’t need anyone to tell us what to think, what to believe, and what is right or wrong.  We don’t need to worry about someone inflicting harm on us or our children.

We don’t need excesses, we need enough.

Enough security to be safe.  Enough food to be healthy.  Enough free time to express ourselves and experience life.  Enough work to provide for ourselves and our families.  Enough shelter, enough energy, enough education, enough time to express our creativity.  Enough freedom to excel where we can.  Enough community to prevent our failures from becoming life threatening.

What do we need to get rid of first?

Greed.  Pure and simple, it’s the greed that is killing the world’s society, one starving child at a time.  Greed for money, greed for power.

I guess it’s time for that 99% to start standing up and demanding a bigger slice of the pie.  I may have been disappointed in the lack of a list of objectives from the Occupy Movement, but that is the single unified message I’m hearing.  Greed is killing us all.  It has to stop.

Think about it.  What do you really need out of life?   What do your children need?  It’s not designer jeans and a new car while coming home to the McMansion either.


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