Music in America and the Dawn of Shades

1 Oct

Music in America.  It’s a really, REALLY big topic, and there is no way I could totally cover it in a mere 8 week series of programs, but…we’re taking a stab at it anyhow.  Eight weeks of musicians, with a healthy variety of genres.  Some have been busting their chops trying to get that big break, some have had that big break, and some have walked away from a big break.

So what’s the story behind the series?

Music is something that really touches the soul of  a person, and it forms an integral part of our culture and society.  It reflects current events, as well as holds our history.  It’s the backdrop to events, big and small.

What would the demonstrations of the 60s have been without the music that went with it?  Would America have been the same if Woodstock had never happened?  Songs take us back to a time and place we can never really visit again, and yet we are as much there as we were the first time…whether it’s that first kiss, a major event in our life, or whatever.  Everybody has a song that does that to them, what’s yours?

So what can you expect with the programs in the Music in America series?

Each program features an artist.  We’ll find out what they play and why.  We’ll talk, just like we’d talk if we were sitting down for a drink or a cup of coffee, and the audience gets to listen…and ask questions too!  It’s a full two hours to find out what makes that musician the person they are, the music the way it is, and why you should listen to them.  It’s also totally unlike anything anyone has ever done with musicians before.  Nobody sits and talks to musicians–we all ask them to play and that’s it.  Rarely do they get an opportunity to actually talk about what they do, who they are, and why they do what they do.

So…who can you expect to hear from?

Should I keep it a secret?

Nope, couldn’t keep it a secret, I’ve had too much fun getting it all put together, and it’s come together in a way that says the Cosmos is smiling down on my graying head with this project.  Each show has been booked in order, almost as if that’s the way they were meant to appear in some cosmic ordering of the universe in which we live.  The last program is the sole open program, and it has been offered to another artist, just waiting for their aye/nay reply on whether they are available on that date.

So we start off on November 15th, with Keith Secola, (website) and his unique blend of Native American music.

November 22, it’s Brett Wehmeyer, black metal artist/singer, owner of Runefire Records, recently relocated to the Lower 48 from Alaska, he’s now a Wisconsin resident.

November 29th, we’ll talk with Belle, a singer originally from Australia, now makes New York her home.

December 6, we’ll talk with Jonathan Jenkins, a guitar playing composer & singer who hails from Kalispell, Montana.  He also happens to have lost an arm when he was young, so he has a very unique take on being a musician and disabled.

December 13, it’s Robin Miller, a New Age instrumentalist with a lot to say about his music.  He’s also the only one on the list who has previously appeared on the Dawn of Shades.

December 20th, we’ll be talking with the Willow Family Band.  Willow is a busker from New Orleans, his wife is his percussionist and back up singer, they also play at various venues around the country besides setting up in Jackson Square regularly in New Orleans.

December 27th will find us talking with Buddy Cage, from The New Riders of the Purple Sage.  Buddy is probably the best known of the artists appearing, and has an established following since he replaced Jerry Garcia as the pedal steel guitarist.  He’s played with Bob Dylan and numerous other artists over the years, and has a long term look at the music industry as an insider.  With literally millions of records under his belt, he’s got a few tales to tell, I’ll bet!

January 3rd is still TBA…and that has to stay a secret until I have a confirmation.  Don’t hold your breath though, you will turn blue!

We’re going to play music from each artist, a minimum of two songs, which will let you hear a bit of what they do to better understand who they really are.  We’ll also include how to get their music–some are available via iTunes, others aren’t so easily purchased, and you will have to send a check or money order in to buy a cd, which is then shipped to you.  We’ll have all that information on the artist’s webpage, making it easy for everyone to find.

With all of that said, don’t forget to mark your calendars–you seriously do not want to miss this series, no matter what!



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