Help! It’s all wrong!

25 Sep

I just got home from the hospital yesterday, and I’m still not doing well.  We’ll leave that alone for now, because I am trying to think myself well.  The thing is…while I was in the hospital, the world changed.

I don’t recognize it anymore.

First, there was the Facebook changes.  They talked about that on the television at the hospital, so I knew it had happened and it was bad.  They were right.  I hate it, it doesn’t make sense, and I can’t find anything.  Plus, few things work right.  Facebook as usual, right?  So, it was time to start on Google+.  Yes, I have an account, and yes, you can follow me there.  I just have no idea how you find me.  I can’t find me half the time.  I also can’t find most of the other people that are friends on Facebook.  But…at least the page makes sense, right?  They also need to get more games.  I miss Mousehunt and Fish Hunt.  (Can you guys over there at Hit Grab Games get on that?)

Then I went to WordPress to update my blog.  Uh oh.  They changed stuff too and I missed the transition.  Not too horrifying though.

It just would be so much easier for users to accept change if they knew why they had the changes.  Even if the answer is to make things easier for right handed left hand amputees in Zimbabwe who use the internet at Brand X cyber cafes…it would be an answer and a reason.  It’s the high handed nature that offends people and makes them resent change so much.

Then, that company that I have long loved hating had also informed us of changes.  Yeah, you guessed it.  Microsoft.  Office Live is where we had our website, hosted for years now.  Office Live was in beta, and now its all being migrated to Office 365.  Now logic says that they would have set things up for an easy transfer of pages, photos, data, etc., if one was already with them.  Logic is not Microsoft’s forte.  They are also not known for the compatibility between their products.  I distinctly remember having trouble several years ago with the website builder and calling tech support, back in the good old days when they had a live American for tech support.  He told me to use the Firefox browser, as Internet Explorer was incompatible with the current website builder.  I said there was something seriously wrong when their products were incompatible, and was answered with dead silence on the phone.  It was a true statement, he couldn’t dispute it.

Change.  It’s never easy.  We always hate it.  It’s stressful.  In terms of politics, when we’re promised change, but it doesn’t happen…we aren’t happy then either.

So with that said, please excuse me.  It’s time to take more medicine and have my snack, and it’s exciting tonight.

Mashed banana with yogurt.



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