Good Morning and cell phones

25 Sep

Good morning, world.

The sun isn’t up yet, but that’s okay.  I start my day at 6 a.m. since that’s when my antibiotic is due for my morning dose.  Four times a day, sicker than a dog, I’m religious about it being on schedule.  That means that the rest of my pharmaceutical department is also started at 6 a.m., even if it isn’t as critical on the morning dose time.  I realized I was qualifying as “old” when I suddenly had all of these pills to take.  So, please excuse me if I’m a bit “off” this morning.  I’ve been quite ill, and I feel “loopy” for a bit after all the chemicals are consumed.

But getting on with life, our cell phone is in need of replacement.  We’ve known that for a while.  It’s nearly 2 years old, positively a dinosaur in terms of tech devices.  In addition, it was a reactionary purchase.  I was in the middle of a fit when our previous smart phone, a Blackberry, had suddenly developed a glitch in which the ringer didn’t work.  It would flash at us, but that was only good if you were looking at the thing.  It was about Blackberry #4, with one glitch after another, and I was livid.  The repair department had informed me that the thing was not covered since it had gotten wet, and showed me an offending red spot inside the cover.  It had never gotten wet, we’d never dropped it in water…but that “sensor” indicated otherwise.  Before I crawled over the counter and choked the employee, another waiting customer, with a sad and defeated voice, informed me that in our climate (we lived in New Orleans then) all it took was sweat in a pocket and our cellphones’ sensors indicated “water damage.”

I was done with smart phones, I ranted, and Greg patiently drove to the local Sprint store, where still in my snit, I chose a Lotus.  It isn’t smart, but it did have a QUERTY pad, and I’d been eyeing them for a while.  I still think its a great form, a wide flip phone with an actual Querty pad, but…it has other issues.  Like not being very smart.  We had been spoiled by the Blackberry, especially Greg, and since we were cutting costs by using a single cell phone with ample features, we were both stuck with my reactionary purchase.

Nearly two years of a dumb brick has made us nostalgic about the Blackberry, but I still haven’t forgotten the frequency of failures from it.  Smart phones have come a long ways in the past few years, and while Blackberrys may have once been king of smart phones, they aren’t even in the running these days.  Choosing a Blackberry now labels you as a dinosaur yourself, unwilling to adopt new technology and clinging to the familiar.  Either that or really cheap, since that’s what most Blackberrys today are.

Hoping to avoid the reactionary purchase as our current Lotus has a groaning hinge and well worn corners, it is past time to start researching.  Previously, I was thinking seriously about the HTC Evo in either the 3D or the Shift.  Asking Greg to take a look and offer an opinion hasn’t been particularly successful.  It’s not that he’s unconcerned or has no opinion, he merely assumes that I’ll choose and he’ll adapt.  I’ve been told that’s a sign of a very smart man and that I should hang onto him.  It’s really not why we’re getting married though.  I’d already decided he was very smart, very charming, and good company and that I should marry him long before the Lotus incident.  It doesn’t hurt that I already adore him and I’m madly in love with him either.

I logged into Sprint today, realizing that with all of the recent turmoil between my daughter’s hospital stay and then my own stay, I had neglected to pay them.  They are funny about that, and only forgiving so far before retaliating with a shut off.   Since I really want to avoid that, despite being loopy this morning…I logged in.  While I was there, I thought, gee whillikers, I really should see what they have in terms of phones now.

Greg may have some competition.  I may be in love.  They have a Nexus 4S from Google with a very attractive price–$29.99 with a 2 year add on to our contract.  It has all of the features I think I want.  It looks pretty good in the videos and photos.  I’ve never seen one.  I think I want one.  It also has this new thing called a Google Wallet that was just rolled out last Monday…and that looks convenient too, even if I suspect that Pascagoula, Mississippi doesn’t have many places that can accept it yet.

I know I’ve often complained about Sprint.  I thought about changing providers too.  Cellular South has some attractive packages and attractive coverage…and lots of complaints about customer service.  I’m big on customer service, and those complaints have actually scared me away.  AT&T is just as bad about their customer service.  The other providers fall short on coverage or pricing.  I may want to throttle Sprint sometimes, but most of the time, they provide reliable service at a reliable price.  We have even priced going with a no contract pre-paid service, but the problem seems to always boil down to poor coverage or high prices.  Sometimes it’s a case of better the devil you know, right?  We’ve actually sort of decided that for now, we’ll stick with Sprint, and add a pre-paid service when we’re ready to add a second phone, sort of hedging our bets on prices and service.

It doesn’t hurt that this phone knocks enough off of the price to make that 2 year commitment acceptable.  The discounts are actually more than the early termination fee would be.  Okay, I’m a sucker for slick technology.  Still, I think I’d like to see/touch/feel one of these phones before I commit to two years with it.  That means visiting a Sprint store and hoping they have one in stock.  I don’t even know where a store is located in Pascagoula!

The sun is up…but dragging Greg off in pursuit of a Sprint store in Pascagoula might not be a great idea at this hour…it’s barely 7 am on a Sunday morning.  Still…

I did warn you that I was loopy, right?

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