Music, musicians, interviews, and intimacy

11 Sep

Ever dream of sitting down with your favorite musician, having a cup of coffee, and just having a long conversation and finding out what made them tick?

Very few of us get that opportunity, we’re much more likely to watch from afar, as a part of screaming, squirming mass of fans at a concert or via television.  Yet all of those “big names” started off as artists performing in local juke joints, coffee shops, bars, and clubs.  More musicians perform in venues like that than perform before screaming masses of fans in big ticket venues.  I suspect that there are days when a lot of artists miss the days when they performed live several days a week to their handful of fans, although they may not want to give up the bigger paychecks they collect from the larger venues and recording contracts.

If you have ever listened to one of my radio programs or podcasts, you’ve listened to the casual coffee shop conversation style experience.  It’s a style that works well for me, and while the majority of the programs that I do have not been with musicians, the same sort of style will carry over to the musician programs.  I feel more at home with that style, and my own background with the rough and tumble bars of my own misspent youth, places like The Galloping Goose, Lindy’s, My Office, The Cowboy’s Cradle and Patsy’s Palace…are the same sort of places up and coming artists have played, often right after (or just before) the latest crop of down & out were featured.  I’ve heard some great musicians play in small time bars…and I’ve heard some that should have been barred from any close contact with a microphone too.

Music touches something in our spirit, in our souls.  It can make them soar, it can make our entire body throb, it can soothe us to sleep…or bring us to pounding ecstasy.  It’s pure magic, something nearly primal in some cases.

Many people, upon hearing that my radio program, the Dawn of Shades, is featuring a series of musicians in America, may question how it fits into the overall theme of the program and its connection with the paranormal.  C’mon!  What is more paranormal, more potentially magical than our connection with the magic of music?

So, after audience requests for “something different” we decided…we’d fly with the music over the end of the year.  That means 8 straight weeks of musicians, and while there is no way we can even begin to illustrate American music in 8 weeks of program, we can touch the subject and begin to find our connection between us, our souls, and music.

Come and join in, the more the merrier and the more magic we’ll share.  Find out about these 8 amazing musicians and their journeys.  Find out about the music, about the songs, and about what makes it all come together.  See the world through their eyes.  You won’t be sorry!

The series runs November 15th through January 3rd, from 7-9 pm Central.  Check out the schedule at !


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