And the crazy life I live

31 Aug

Sometimes, my not-so-interesting life gets a little bit crazy, just like everybody else’s does.  Things go wrong, I have to shift priorities, people get in moods, whatever it is…

I have this vision of the reason.  I call it the Ladies of Fate.

I’m not sure if its normal or not, but I guess at this point, it doesn’t even matter.  I have visualized characters representing various things, including the Murphy’s Law moments we all encounter, sometimes all to often or in huge streaks like we’ve attracted somebody’s attention.  That set of characters for me is the Ladies of Fate.

It starts off with a very old fashioned wood (probably oak or walnut) jury box, ala Ironsides (a very old black and white television program that I’m not even old enough to remember when it was new.)  It’s smooth, well polished, and quite impressive.  It says “I’m important and I matter a lot” with its rich grain and substantial size.  Inside of that box are equally impressive wooden chairs…with arms.  They are still not “easy chairs” (probably the reason for their mood) but still rank as substantial in size and impressive.

Then, usually standing in a line along the front of the jury box, there is the Ladies of Fate.

Now if Fashion Police were to patrol their neck of the woods up in the sky, (somewhere on a cloud, more or less out of direct line of sight from earth) they would all get tickets.  It’s like Red Hat Society done by Punky Brewster.  (Child character in 1980s television program)  Purple, red, striped socks, loud shoes, loud hats, bright red lipstick, lots of eyeshadow, 101 shades of blue for hair, and they are all wearing “White Shoulders” perfume (which I associate with dusty old ladies–don’t ask!)  There’s also the faint aroma of talcum powder, just for extra effect.

Now these Ladies of Fate seem to think they are still teenage girls, the way they will giggle as they plot and plan.  They’ll look down at earth, at our struggles and joys and troubles…and then toss something our way, just to watch what happens.  Then, they are cackling like hens who have just laid an egg as they watch us sidestepping trouble and rushing towards joys.

They aren’t really malevolent–they don’t wish to really hurt anyone, but sometimes, more happens as a result of their playful game than they expect.  Then, people DO get hurt, but they don’t feel much remorse…or for very long.  I guess they have the attention span of a 3 year old with the forgetfulness of an Alzheimer’s patient.  They just can’t really be held responsible for their actions.

There is twelve of them, and like a gang of girls at the mall, they go from one thing to another, forgetting and flitting like butterflies.  They’ve been playing this game for millenias, they know it well.  Even so, it provides them with endless amusement as they watch what happens when they send a storm here, or a financial disaster there, etc.

Lately, it seems that they’ve been quite busy.  We’ve seen interesting times world-wide, with everything from tsunamis and nuclear melt-downs to financial disasters and hurricanes.  Like over-excited children, they have been tossing things about at random, leaving us, down here on earth, to clean up the mess.

We can only hope that soon…they will get tired and rest, right?



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