The Mad World of Suzie Q

29 Aug

I’ve not done this before, but thought I’d post a poem now and again.  My poetry isn’t for everyone, I suppose.  It’s probably a glimpse into a mind that could use a good outing.


The Mad World of Suzie Q


Chocolate soup in a bowl perched on ice

Ice cream bread in a thick slice

Cornflake hair streaming down her back

Fluffy clouds in the sky of coal black

Order and Chaos ride together

Astride rocks as light as a feather

In the world of Suzie Q’s mind

Strange friends find their own kind


Not really mad but sure not sane

The sky is black but green the rain

People only smile when they’re in pain

Laughter is looked upon as a stain


The goes the train of purple and yellow

See the feathers in the hat of that fellow?

His dress is too short she did declare

As they sought the midway of the fair

Screams of pain fill the air

People are happy they declare

The polls all are good they show

But what do people really know?



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