Shall I panic yet?

2 Aug

July is gone.  It’s over with.  We’ll never see it again.

In the meantime, it’s already August.  I question whether it is time to panic yet.

I’m getting married on October 29th, and I have a long list of things that haven’t been accomplished…

Things like:

  • Exact location of the wedding–we’ve made arrangements and contacted the Hancock County offices, we’re good to go to have our wedding on the beach in Hancock County, including the “Dog of Honor” and the “Groom’s best dog”.  We don’t have the exact spot yet though, and that requires that we drive over and choose the location according to the things that will matter, like parking and aesthetics of the beach area.
  • Blood tests–I can rant about the archaic nature of a blood test for syphillis until I am blue in the face.  We can’t get the license until we have those certified blood test results.  We need to get the tests run and get our license this month.
  • Canopies-I need to check with friends and see how many canopies we can borrow for the event, and determine if we need to rent or purchase more.
  • Meet with the minister–we need to have a meeting with the woman who will be doing the honors for us and finalize our ceremony’s details.
  • Order the wedding rings-they aren’t expensive (we can’t afford to get married let alone the expensive part!) but they do need ordered well in advance, which means this month.
  • Decide on our attire-I had thought to order a dress suitable for a hippy wedding…but…I’m now questioning whether that is really the ideal route.  If I don’t buy a dress, we’ll be able to afford a honeymoon.  (Low budget honeymoon=camping honeymoon!)  I am thinking barefoot, jeans, and t-shirts would work fine!  Maybe a skirt–I have a couple of those too!  Greg will undoubtedly choose jeans and a t-shirt, but the barefoot thing isn’t really his cup of tea.
  • Wedding cake decisions-I’m thinking small single layer “official” cake with cupcakes to serve.  Easy, breezy, multiple flavors.  I’m leaning towards abandoning the groom’s cake (that wonderful Rembrandt’s torte) in my KISS approach.  We do have to sample recipes though!
  • Food selections–We can’t make actual food selections until closer to the wedding when we know how many guests we’re going to be feeding, but we can narrow down our choices.
  • Email invitations–I need to sit down and email everyone individually to invite them, since my blanket invitations seem to have overwhelmed people and left them uncertain.  Abandoning the paper invitations has been confusing for our guests who are accustomed to something more formal, so emailing the “invitation” will help bridge the gap.  Miss Manners would say I’m totally wrong, but my ecological and economical soul says this was a good choice for us.
  • Make a list and check it twice–all the things that need taken care of in September will  need to be listed, just so I don’t forget an important detail.
  • Find out when the bridal shower is being held-I need to mark that on my calendar.  I’m uncertain if it is in September or early October.  Our daughter is giving the bridal shower.
  • Shop for the various items that will be needed to serve the food and drinks, as well as keeping things simple and convenient for us and our guests.  We’re also responsible for clean up after the wedding, so we need to think about that process as well.



It’s funny, as much fun as the planning is, and as much as I’m looking forward to the wedding, there is a faint sort of panic rising too.  It doesn’t feel like that old familiar friend that was labeled “fear of commitment”, as our commitment is a familiar friend these days, but more along the panic any woman faces when planning an important social occasion.  What if I forget something important?  What if nobody comes?  What if nobody has any fun?  What if the weather is nasty?  What if, what if, what if….until I want to scream and bury my head under my pillow.

I even had a dream last night that for some unknown reason, Greg presented me with a very large, very black, Persian kitten just before the wedding, and not even this cat would behave normally, instead choosing to behave like a dog so much I actually (in the dream) asked him if it was a Persian cat or a Pomeranian dog…

I’m not sure what THAT was all about…but it was also somehow intertwined with fishing and me panicking because we were no longer in the bayou on the boat (don’t remember if we’d entered the Gulf of Mexico or where else we were though.)

Are the dreams prophetic?  I don’t think so in this case, I think they are more symbolic dreams and messages from my subconscious.

The cat was likely representing my not wanting to be presented with something else to be responsible for, especially something that didn’t behave “right” and needed as much attention as a persian cat would.

The boat portion likely represented my fears about being adrift in a sea of unknown, not sure what to do or which way to go, while the big waves threatened to overwhelm our small boat.  That’s not an uncommon fear, even among older couples who have lived together for years as they approach their wedding.  We all wonder…will tying the knot officially change our relationship?  These are normal and natural fears, and it’s only logical that my dreams would express them.

So off we go, on the grand adventure of our wedding!

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