Other people’s predictions, assembled without credits

28 Jul

These are all other people’s prophecies and predictions, just to clarify that.  I’m not going to try and pass on credit as to who says what, if you really want to know, you might try Google and see what you find.  I’m not so worried about who said it first, I guess.

It seems that we’re in for a busy year or so, as we have a LOT of stuff happening.

The Rapture from May was rescheduled to October, I forget the exact date, but I doubt anyone is holding their breath on this one either.  Now IF you are planning on attending this Rapture, you obviously won’t need your worldly goods any more.  Please donate them to me, and I’ll see that they are used wisely.

The economy is supposed to collapse at the end of the October, so don’t put your money in the bank then, or keep it in a cash form.  Put all of your money into pork bellies, gasoline in 5 gallon jerry cans, dehydrated food, coffee in 1 lb. cans or sugar.  These should be hot products on the black market after the complete crash.  I’m a little bit more worried about this issue, as our wedding date is the very last Saturday in October, and that could mean our guests are stranded in Mississippi, if they are from other parts of the country.  Maybe I should tell them to skip the clothes and bring bacon and coffee in their suitcases for bartering purposes?

Also scheduled for late October or November is an alien invasion in the American Southwest.  I’m not sure why only that part of the country, so maybe I should tell my family that lives there to come to the wedding early and hang out a while in the Southeastern USA?  Maybe caliche clay is highly valuable on Planet Zarnek 5?  Or the javalina is a hot second for their favored deity on Jujube 27?  Oh, I know…they wanna see a live performance of the Coyote vs. the Roadrunner!

The Planet/Comet/Space ship Elenin is also due to arrive in October, providing us with ample end-of-the-world apocolyptic possibilities.  There are an amazing number of creative results from Elenin, ranging from the total destruction of the planet as it is torn apart by tidal forces to large meteoric impacts resulting in a nuclear winter, acid rain, and certain death.  There is also the possibility of alien intervention or invasion, as well as vague disasters from which only a select few shall survive.  From the way things are going, you might do well to tattoo “Select Few” on your back–it might work!

Also scheduled for November is a mass round up of selected citizens of the United States for incarceration in FEMA camps for some unknown reason.  Enemies of the State?  Protective custody?  Just who these selected citizens are is yet undisclosed.  Theories have anyone with connections to environmental issues, conservation issues, anti-government concerns, pro individual rights, membership in certain churches or religions, the unemployed, the homeless, the old, the young, women, political activists, religious right wingers, liberal leaders, conservative advocates, homosexuals, heterosexuals, non-conformists, low income, middle income, well educated, handicapped, mentally impaired, chronically ill, etc. groups would be among those selected.  From the suppositions of who will be among the selected few, it appears that almost everyone will qualify for the free housing program in FEMA concentration camps.

December is the deadline for stepping up the genocide programs to reduce the population of the United States.  That means that from October through the end of the year, there will be an increased death rate, targeting primarily the uneducated, unemployed, low income, youth, elders, young adults, and middle aged segments of our population.  Check to make sure your will is in order–your worldly goods might be enough to help your loved ones from also being targeted.

January through March appears to be a period of relative quiet as the only scheduled activities is the round up of all citizens who disagree or oppose any of Obama’s political plans, bills, etc.  At that point, I’m not sure there is anyone left to round up anyone, let alone anyone to round up.  Even so, our government proceeds with its devious and evil plans, despite a derelict planet with most inhabitants locked up in concentration camps.

In spring, renewed efforts from HAARP will begin the near destruction of many coastal regions as efforts to cause severe typhoons and hurricanes are stepped up.  With earthquake research also being conducted, tsunamis will be hitting in locations previously thought immune.  Japan is practically destroyed, as are the coastal regions of Chile, Ecuador, Korea, China, and India.

An unexpected tsunami strikes Europe, killing millions.  Another strikes Florida, sweeping entirely across the southern tip of the state and carrying everything in its path along with it as it enters the Gulf of Mexico.  Hours later, thousands of victims are flung onto the coasts of Texas, man and beast.  Many alligators are still alive.  On the East Coast, one massive tsunami manages to strike from Boston to New York, killing millions with thousands missing and entire city blocks flattened.

A flu epidemic strikes in early April, attacking primarily young adults ages 23-40.  Out of those that contract it, it is universally fatal.  Some regions see as high as a 95% infection rate, and an entire generation dies in a few weeks.  Millions of orphans are transported to orphanage farms alongside the FEMA concentration camps, where these youth are trained by the government, ensuring cooperative citizens in the future.

May seems to be quiet, unless there is to be another Rapture event.  The following summer is a season plagued with Mother Nature’s retaliation against HAARP and government meddling, as one storm after another batters the US coast lines.  The storms continue all through the summer and September as well.

October sees another shift, as icy cold weather grasps the nation.  Early blizzards start marching across the nation, having swept southward from the polar regions.  They dump feet of snow on the few survivors left in the interior of the country, battering them with winds that drive snowflakes as though they were daggers.  Temperatures plummet to record lows and stay there for days at a time, and no sooner do citizens dig their way out of their buried homes, and another storm comes, bringing even more snow and cold along with them.  Powerlines are snapped, rescue efforts impossible, supplies can’t move, railroads and highways are closed.

By the time that November and Thanksgiving roll around, those who have survived are truly thankful.  Even so, the worst has not yet passed, as more winter weather and lack of supplies must still be faced before spring’s arrival.

December means the end of the world prediction of the Mayans.  Will their alien gods return?  Will there be some great calamity?  Does it really matter?  Only about 10% of the population is still alive.

Okay, I’ll admit it…I took some of these predictions and sort of ran with them, using poetic license to paint the picture.  It’s definitely a worst case scenario. At the same time, we are being inundated with disaster predictions.  Does that mean that they are true…or are they a reflection of our fears?  Will our fears and thoughts manifest themselves and actually CREATE events such as this?

Think.  Be real.  Be HONEST most of all, with both yourself and the outside world.

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