Greg’s birthday

20 Jul

Today, is Greg’s birthday.  As my partner and the love of my life, of course I’d like to make the entire day special, as well as give him an absolutely perfect gift.

Uh huh.

That gift thing is nearly impossible with him.  Mr. Frugal only has needs, and there is little he desires outside of that.  Besides, we just don’t have space for much…so the gift thing got shot down.  We don’t tend to be much on gifts anyhow, as we get things for each other when we can a) afford them b) need them and then don’t bother “saving them” for that special occasion such as birthdays and holidays.

So, since Mr. Frugal is also Mr. Grumpy-in-the-morning, the first order of business is…I’m not going to wake him up, even if it’s five p.m. before he gets his sleep out.  My continual up-and-down during the night takes its toll on his sleep cycles, and he has had little sleep lately.  Unfortunately, the phone just rang…

And that did it for him.

Oh well.  I tried.

But…since I got all of the dogs out, including “micro-yap” otherwise known as  the chihuahua called Nemo, he seems to have gone back to sleep…so maybe he will get some badly needed rest.

We don’t have a lot of excitement going on today–no party planned, etc.  I feel kind of mean spirited about that, especially since my last birthday did feature the big party routine because of it’s status as “milestone birthday.”  Instead, we have planned on going to the library (one of his favorite places, with a price he adores) and then maybe somewhere for a cheeseburger (his favorite food.)  Not exactly wild celebrations, but he’s not exactly a wild guy about it anyhow.

In the meantime, I’ll have time for a shower and maybe get last night’s radio show edited, right?


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