IT happened today

17 Jul

(WARNING: This blog entry may be disturbing to some individuals.  If TMI causes you mental agony or emotional distress, please close this window and avoid this entry.  If you are male, this may cause undue stress as well.  This is a definitely feminine entry today!)

IT happened today.

I suppose I should have been able to predict it, should have known about it somehow…but maybe I was in denial.  I just couldn’t accept that IT had happened to me already.

I got an invitation to join AARP…and I qualify.


AARP is for old people…you know, like my mother.  I’m not old!

Or am I?

I remember hearing about how old women were really 18 year old girls who were looking out and wondering what in the sam hell happened, and now…I’m beginning to understand.  At the same time, another part of me is going, it’s not friggin’ fair, I should have at least gotten to have menopause before I got old.  Who the hell wants to be OLD and have cramps too?

I’m as excited as a 20 year old about my wedding plans, so then I get PMS and all teary-eyed over dumb stuff that doesn’t mean a thing…and the day I get an invitation to join AARP, I get it right after taking some ibuprofen for cramps.

Fair really doesn’t exist in the real world, does it?




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