Wedding plans moving forward!

14 Jul

Today, I did my phone calls, permit checking, rule checking, etc. and I have begun to narrow down the location for our wedding.

It’s going to be in Hancock County, Mississippi.

It’s dog friendly, wedding friendly, and its the BEACH.  We don’t need a permit, just the usual common sense rules about if we bring it, we take it away afterwards, to keep the dogs on leashes, and that we can’t violate noise ordinances with loud music, etc.  We can live with reasonable rules, and we’re sure our guests can as well.  Also, unlike Harrison County’s beaches…there are NO vendors on the beach, so there is no issue with commercial stuff there.  What better place for a hippy wedding than a natural beach?

Even better yet, without a permit, we are easily staying within our budget.

So then came the issue of the marriage license itself.  Mississippi doesn’t change very quickly, so ala 1930s, only one of two states requiring such a thing…we have to have a blood test for syphilis.  Yee haw…of all the things to mandate a blood test for before marriage, that’s the least of anyone’s concerns…but we can’t fight that rule if we want our license.  It is available from the county health department for a “small fee.”  (That’s unknown at this point.)

Someone at one of the visitor centers I called when looking for information thought we would have to get the license in the county in which we were going to get married, so I double checked on that.  No problem–we can get it in our home county, even though we’re getting married in Hancock County.  The license fee is also low–only $22.  We can also get the license anytime within 30 days of the blood test, so we’re going to get that blood test taken care of before the end of August.

So…budget is intact on the wedding itself…and I think I’ve found where I’m getting the dress too…but I’ll confess I’m splurging a bit there, but no where near the usual wedding dress fee.  It will be a custom dress, sewn for me.  I’ll have more information about THAT when I firm up the price, style, etc.

This afternoon, we’ll be out running some errands, finishing up with a stop to try on some rings.  Neither one of us have a clue what ring size we need, and since the rings are purely symbolic and won’t be worn daily, we’re not investing a lot of money in them.  Neither of us see the sense in doing so when our budget is so tight and we won’t wear them habitually.  It’s not that we’re avoiding the rings to avoid others knowing we’re married, but rather the safety factor.  I have had to have rings removed after having been (painfully) smashed onto my finger from a relatively minor incident, and Greg has seen guys even lose a finger when it was caught on a piece of machinery.  Obviously, with our tendencies to do many things with our hands…rings just aren’t worn regularly.  My last ring-smashing incident was a bit terrifying, as it was crushed enough to restrict circulation as well as painfully pinching, and without help equipped with some tools and a healthy dose of ingenuity, I could have easily ended up in an ER trying to get the ring removed.  I don’t want a repeat incident, wedding ring or not!

So, sticking to the budget means we’re going to order rings, probably from Amazon or Overstock, which may not be romantic, but it is frugal!

I’m still having a LOT of fun with the wedding plans.  It’s almost like a challenge to see how little I can spend on the not-so-fun essentials so we have more left over to share with everyone at the Gathering after the ceremony.  It’s like a treasure hunt, in a way.  I know some people may think we’re being “cheap” and not taking it all seriously, but we are taking it all quite seriously, including the budget routine.  To spend money we can’t afford to spend would be foolish, and we’d be setting a very poor example for others if we splurged on excessive materialistic trappings for a ceremony that is spiritual and social in nature.   We firmly believe in practicing what we preach, so this is exactly what we are doing.

The other thing we had to deal with was the gift issue.  Traditionally, guests give the wedding couple gifts, usually things to set up their household with, and the fancier stuff such as china and crystal and silver.  We don’t need those things, and I’m actually giving my china set to my daughter.  We don’t expect our guests to give gifts, but after due consideration, we decided that if people wanted to give gifts, it would be best if they gave things we actually wanted and needed.  That led to the gift registry routine.

I decided (Greg wasn’t into this part at all) that we’d just register with two registries, avoiding a lot of complication and hassle.  Almost everyone shops at one or the other, and they are easy for most people to deal with.  So, we registered at Amazon and Walmart, hardly your traditional china/crystal/silver sort of registries!  If you want to see what the registries look like, Walmart’s is here and Amazon’s is here.

So with that said, we’re off like a herd of turtles to get our errands done.

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