The government, the economy, the public, and us

14 Jul

Our government is supposed to be “of the people, for the people, and by the people” or something close to that.

The economy is also driven by guess who?  Us.

The public…once again, that’s us folks.

So essentially, it’s all “us” with different labels.

Or is it?

Talking with “Joe Average” these days will soon let you know that Joe Average feels a distinct difference between his life and the government, and that his perceptions are that the government definitely does not have his best interests at heart.  The government has become an institution of its own, a place ruled by politicians and bureaucrats who have a goal of getting as much as they can while prohibiting as much as possible in terms of protest from the public.

“G-men” have not been so loathed since the days of Prohibition.

The economy has become a monster on its own count, a monster that swallows up friends, neighbors and even our jobs.  It raises prices, cuts benefits, and creates stress and anxiety.  While we are being repeatedly TOLD it is improving, the reality we’re seeing tells us otherwise.  There are no jobs, and what few that are available, even for menial labor at minimum wage, will have a long line of applicants, including those with college degrees and years of experience in their chosen fields.  People are desperate for those jobs, any jobs, and terrified of losing the one that they may have, no matter how miserable and poorly paid they are.

Lies from official voices don’t make the lies any easier to swallow.  Lies originating from governmental spokespersons in public forums don’t increase public confidence in the government either.

We are now looking at a number of things that are coming up before the end of 2012.  Some may seem silly or unimportant, but they are factors affecting the masses and their potential actions.  These things include:

  1. Mayan prophecy supposedly ending the world on December 21, 2012
  2. Extended unemployment benefits ending beginning in January of 2012
  3. Potential for American default on national debt in late 2011
  4. Cuts in social programs for the indigent such as Food Stamps, medical care, child care, education, etc.
  5. Cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits.
  6. Increasing numbers of homeless individuals and families
  7. Increased numbers of suicides and mental health impaired persons
  8. Rise in crime committed by desperate people trying to survive
  9. Increase in domestic violence and child abuse/abandonment
  10. Increased substance abuse
  11. Increase in organized crime & trafficking of controlled substances
  12. Reductions in local police departments and other services by communities due to reduced tax revenue
  13. Increase in foreclosures and evictions due to non-payment
  14. Progressively more violent protests regarding situation
  15. Homelessness being treated as a crime, resulting in round ups of thousands of people for interment in “poverty camps”

What kind of a picture is getting painted for you now?  Is it one you ever thought you’d see painted in America?

We see our government continuing to indulge in practices we can no longer afford, such as foreign aid and war, while here in our own country, we’re facing the possibility of progressive civil unrest that could lead to a civil war itself.  We’ve long been the “sugar daddy” of the world, but right now, if we don’t take care of this country, there won’t be any more sugar getting passed out.  It’s time to stop the pay outs and take care of business…the business of America.  Let the UN worry about getting its money from somewhere like France.

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