People and people watching

10 Jul

I have always been a people-watcher.  It entertains me, intrigues me, makes me think.  I wonder what their story is, as I notice other things about them, from their clothing and hair style to general health to their facial expression and way of moving through their day.  It tells me a lot on many levels.

I also watch people via the internet, although you might say its a different kettle of fish.  We have different nuances in our online contacts than we do in person.  A lot of it is in text form, and that changes everything.  There is no movement, no facial expression, no clothing or hairstyle to help you “figure out” what is really being said.  It calls for a different kind of observation and use of intuition.

One thing that I have noticed over the past six months is an increase in angry and bitter people.  Maybe they were always there and always feeling that way, but they are much more openly angry and bitter, frequently venturing into the confrontational forms of these emotions.  Why?  What has changed?  What is going on?

The veneer of civilization is wearing thin on these people, who are often also regarded as the “pillars of society.”  If the very pillars of our society are eroding into anger and bitterness, beginning to crumble before our eyes, what kind of omen is this about our society?

People openly speak of committing suicide in very public forums, including television interviews, if their economic situation continues to deteriorate resulting in complete homelessness.  Statistically, suicides have already increased worldwide.  The global economy isn’t showing any signs of real recovery yet, and still the wars rage in distant lands, costing governments money that their citizens resent, costing lives that their citizens resent.  Where are these roads leading?

In the alternative news channels, there is talk of a systemic approach to global population reduction, utilizing things such as false flag events, attrition through suicides, natural causes, wars, famines, disease, and even man-made diseases.  Is it true?  Is there any concrete evidence supporting it?  Why the population reduction?

There is also talk of actual programs to round up, confine and possibly kill “undesirables” in societies around the world, especially in the United States.  Who are these undesirables?  Is it you or me?  Our neighbors or brother in law?  Our friends?    Do these so-called FEMA camps really exist and is that really their purpose?  Who decides who should be rounded up?  Is it the “witch hunt” of the New Millenium?

The anger and bitterness I see is probably the most disturbing, because it indicates an undercurrent that I have not quite identified yet.  It’s a trend, but it is inspired by something…but is it something to worry about?

Looking at the problem over time may give us some answers.  Hopefully, it simply means that the economy stinks and nothing more profound.  An inner sense, however, is looking at these people’s vague innuendos and open accusations suspiciously though.  I suspect it means something dire, though I hope not.


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