Google+ Big dreams or new reality?

4 Jul

I’m not an ultra-techy sort, keeping my finger on the very pulse of the tech world.  I’m more an average Jane kind of user, although I like tools that work…simply, seamlessly, and intuitively.  I despise new software with fat instruction books and a long learning curve.  Even for website building, I’m like why can’t there be more WYSIWYG software, why does it have to be uber complicated?

Social networking is kind of simple, but it is only simple when everything is being shared with everyone.  Not a problem if you have your immediate family on your “friend” list, but it can get immensely complicated as you add more people to the list.  Then there are the games and the things that your friends post.  Before long, your page starts filling up with a lot of stuff…that you may or may not find interesting.  Then there is a long list of networks available, and before long, your life is sucked up by the websites that are supposed to be making it “share-able”.  I’ll admit, I was dismayed to discover that it took HOURS to update all of them, and before long, I was abandoning networks like a rat from a sinking ship.  Now, I use Twitter and Facebook, although I have profiles languishing elsewhere.

But Facebook is somewhat a monster in its own category, as changes are implemented to increase the amount of formerly personal information that is available with everyone on your list…and everyone searching for you.  With each change, there is a scramble to find the new ways your information is being disseminated through the WWW…and close off the rat holes.  Facebook is notoriously unconcerned about user’s problems, issues, complaints, and pleas too.  That inspires little “brand loyalty,” and has inspired a number of my friends and family to go through the laborious process of shutting down their account.

So what is next as we deal with our increasingly digitalized world?

Google+ enters the fray.  I don’t know it all about this new thing, I read the blog entry about it and watched the tutorials.  It sounds good, but will enough of our circles of friends adopt it to make it viable as a replacement for the increasingly awkward Facebook?  Will it actually safeguard our personal information or will we become nothing more than numbers influencing the bottom line there too?

Time will tell.  As for me, I guess I’ll see what I have to do in order to play with it.  I have questions too–I do have a “gmail” account, but several years ago, it was disabled when Google claimed I had been spamming people.  Since I hadn’t, and the shut down was inconvenient and without any further explanation…I quit using the account except as my “spam central” account.  (You know what I mean…the account that gets all of the email for stuff you don’t really care about but needed an email address for it.)  Will Google+ shut me down for some perceived sin?

We will see.  Maybe next time, I’ll see you in Google+!


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