Gregory & Gia are getting married!

1 Jul


After 3 years of engagement, we’re going to get married.

It’s not like we couldn’t make up our mind, we just…didn’t get around to it.

So, we finally set a date and chose a theme and we’re well on our way to planning our wedding.

Out of all of that, when is our wedding?

We’ve chosen Saturday, October 29th, 2011 as our wedding day.  That just happens to be Halloween weekend as well.

And what theme did we choose?

Well, since we’re both non-conformists with rather an eclectic collection of friends, a highly original bunch of family, and the fact that our wedding is Halloween weekend…a costume wedding was surely on the agenda.  In the spirit of Universal Love and Peace…great concepts to package with a wedding anyhow…we chose a hippy theme for our costume wedding.  That means everybody comes in hippy gear, no suits or fancy dresses allowed.

What is the location for the wedding?

We intend to have a beach wedding, but…all good things come in time, and this time…we’re still waiting to confirm the exact location.  For now, the Mississippi Gulf Coast between Pascagoula & Waveland is our “location” until the exact spot is chosen.  It will be outdoors and informal, with plenty of time for socializing, relaxing, and simply enjoying the entire day.

Who is invited?

Everyone!  All of our friends and family are invited, although we know that time, distance and finances will keep many of our far flung family and friends from attending.  We definitely appreciate the ones who can come and enjoy sharing both the ceremony and the gathering as well.  We just ask that everyone remembers to help keep the area clean, act responsibly, and most of all, remember that this is a fun family event, and children are welcome and will be there.

We’re not sending paper invitations.  It just seems incredibly wasteful in this day and age, so all of our invitations are via the internet or verbal in nature.  It also is in keeping with our hippy theme that there be no paper invitations to our wedding and celebratory gathering.

For accommodations for our friends and family, we’re keeping that simple too.  For our hippy friends, we are going to check on camping sites.  For our broke yuppy friends, we’ll negotiate for low motel rates.  For our friends who prefer fancier digs, they are on their own, but as a suggestion…the Gulfport/Biloxi area has a number of casinos with hotels.

We will serve food at the Gathering–it’s a good way to just share with everyone.  We will also serve coffee and tea, but ask that everyone leave their alcoholic beverages at home for the evening in the spirit of family fun.  The Gathering will not be professionally catered, but instead be the fruits of the labor of the bride and her family.   To ensure adequate food for everyone, we’re going to ask for everyone who is going to attend to RSVP via telephone or email no later than October 1, 2011.

We are definitely excited–there is so much to get done yet!  There’s a bridal shower that will be given by our daughter.  We have to confirm the site yet.  We have confirmed who is going to conduct the ceremony–our dear friend Susie!  We have rings to buy still too.

Everyone has 1001 questions for us, and we’re trying our best to come up with answers, right down to are we accepting gifts and who we have registered with.  The answer is yes, and we registered with and Walmart, as we’re obviously not the china and crystal sorts, and neither are our friends.   These two have a wide variety of items that would be appreciated gifts, and no one is expected to purchase gifts anyhow.

The entire event has been planned to not strain anyone’s budgets–in economic times like these, who wants to buy another outfit anyhow?  No one needs to dress up, and if anyone does…well, you’ll look silly on the beach in a suit and tie or cocktail dress anyhow!  Hippy costumes can usually be created right out of your own closet, and if not…thrift stores will provide some cheap entertainment as you shop too!  Most of all, dress comfortably.  We’ll be hanging out in the sand, dancing in the waves if we get a chance, and generally enjoying ourselves.  For our guests who prefer chairs to sitting in the sand, putting one in your trunk might be an excellent idea.  We will have a canopy, but we also ask that all of our guests have a talk with Mother Nature and ask her to send wind and rain elsewhere for that afternoon and evening.

So, if you would like to join in celebrating Gia and Greg’s wedding, mark it on your calendar.  Remember to RSVP.  We’d love to see all of our friends and family there.  If you can’t make it, we do understand, and we’ll miss you anyhow.  We will also post photographs of the event on the website, blogs, and Facebook to share with those who couldn’t be present.  We might even get brave and put up some video footage on YouTube!

So stay tuned…and I’ll post more as we move along on that dusty trail of Time towards our wedding day!


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