Where would you go if you could take a dream trip?

30 Jun

If money and time were not issues, what kind of a trip would you plan?  Where would you go?  What kind of trip would you take?  What would you do on your trip?  What would your goals be on that trip?

Me…I’d take a trip from “sea to shining sea” and explore the USA, nice and slow.  It would probably take me 12-24 months to do it but that’s okay…remember, time and money are  not worries on this dream trip’s plan.

Of course, we’d assume we’d be in perfect health and a state of fitness too, so while I’m at it, I’ll confess…I’d like it to be a bicycling & camping trip.  The whole self-supported thing.

Now why on earth would I want to do it that way, when money is no object?

Because, when you travel slowly, you have a more intimate experience and truly see things in a much different way.  You get the aromas (good and bad) and people see you too, unlike car travel, which is fast and impersonal.

So riding this bike, toting a trailer loaded with camping gear, spending a year or two on the road…what DO I want to see?

Acadia National Park in Maine…Key West & Hemingway’s cats…some crazy castle that one guy built in Florida, the pony round up on Chincoteague, Amish settlements in Ohio, sleepy villages in the Appalachian mountains, moose in Minnesota, to hear the cries of loons on a foggy morning in Minnesota…just before going to fish for our breakfast of sunfish.

I want to see the Ozarks, and visit quirky little towns.  I want to get all the way to the beaches of Texas, but I want to find out why anyone ever moved to North Dakota too.  I want to buy cheese in Wisconsin, and see the Dells as an adult, with Greg.  I want to see the soaring peaks of the Northern Rockies, and groan as we slowly make our way up the mountain passes.  I want to be kept awake at night by the sounds of elk bugling and wolves howling.  I want to hunt for gemstones in Idaho.  I want to see Yellowstone National Park and avoid the bears by wimping out and staying in a motel.  I want to visit the Black Hills, and see Mount Rushmore all over again after drinking ice water in Wall Drug and riding through the Badlands.

I want to visit Thermopolis, and laugh after Greg gets a whiff of the air there.  I want to visit more quirky little towns.  I want to stock up and ride across the Great Salt Desert on our bicycles, thankful that we can travel faster than the pioneers could, and thankful for the water we can carry in our trailers.  I want to camp in the giant redwoods and eat seafood on the Pacific coast.  I want to see the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Oh and there are people to visit too.  To share a meal with and laughter.  To curl my hands around a hot cup of coffee as we talk late into the night, and then get up early, our minds foggy from lack of sleep, and laugh again as we stumble around trying to find the minds we’d lost the night before.  We have friends and family all across the nation…and I’d love to see them all, even for an hour or two.

Crazy idea…but sometimes, even crazy ideas catch a ride on a handy nearby flying pig, don’t they?


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