Restless leg syndrome and me

22 Jun

I suffer from restless leg syndrome, although I’m not exactly sure when it started, since I have been a life long “fidgeter”.  I know my daughter developed it as a pre-schooler, which is highly unusual, and went through a year of one test after another, as the doctor was sure it was some deficiency, early symptom of a dire disease, or something else that he could medicate away.  In the end, it was restless leg syndrome.  In a way, its a family tradition.  Almost all of the women in my family have it by middle age.  (She’s still the lone one who developed it as a youngster though.)

It’s seldom actually helped by medication, although there are a few cases where medication has improved things. I’d also sought help for mine, and my first experience with homeopathy was seeking relief from the restless leg syndrome.  At that time, the usual solution for me to find relief was to sit in a tub of hot water.  It sounds simple enough until you realize that I did this for hours instead of sleeping, resulting in many days where I was facing an alarm clock and time to go to work with 3-4 hours of sleep.  It didn’t make me a very happy camper after a bad night with restless and aching leg bones.

While homeopathy successfully addressed other issues, the leg pain remained a mysterious enemy who refused to go away. For those of us who suffer through the regular torment of our  days and nights, it also means our partners get to share the joy, as we kick in our sleep, kick while awake, and rise in the wee hours of the morning with the ache of our leg bones inspiring pacing at 3 a.m.  Greg gets a medal of honor for taking hours of me flutter kicking off the edge of the bed in my sleep as I actually doze through the aching, until finally it rouses me and sends me off into the night, allowing him to actually get some restful sleep.

Recently, my daughter shared something with me that had given her relief, and I dutifully carried home a partial bottle promising to try it.  I actually had little hope it would do much after all these years of unsuccessful remedies, and I actually forgot about it for several days.  A few days ago, I was presented with the bottle by Greg, and reminded I was supposed to try it.

This product is a homeopathic remedy available over the counter even at Walmart–it isn’t something magical and mysterious.  It’s made by Hyland’s, a company familiar to fans of homeopathic remedies.  (If you are unfamiliar with the concept of homeopathy, try searching on the term.)  It isn’t expensive, under $10, and side effects are non-existent.  Basically, it’s an option with few risk factors beyond the money for that first bottle, unlike most “pills” available to fix anything else.

The directions had me take 2-3 sublingual tablets every 4 hours as needed.  I took that to mean that if I felt that familiar dull ache appearing in the long bones of my legs starting, it was time to take the pills.  I took 3 the first time, as I had initially forgotten about the pills, and much to my surprise, about an hour later I noticed that the ache was gone, I wasn’t jiggling my legs frantically, and I wasn’t fighting the urge to do so either.  I took it twice more before I actually found sleep that night, using 2 pills at each dose, and found the same relief.  No kicking when I went to bed, no fleeing the bed as though getting up and moving would allow me to escape the pain either.  My legs felt like they were my legs instead of some Frankenstein-like enemy. Three nights in a row, I had relief, as long as I remembered to take the pills on schedule.  Not even a weather change and thunderstorms moving in allowed the restless legs to kick off with the pills in my system.

I’m impressed.

Sub-lingual tablets mean that I can take them anywhere and any time, no glass of water needed.  They don’t taste bad, and they don’t have unpleasant side effects.  I don’t have to fill expensive prescriptions that may or may not work, and if they work this week, they might not work next.  I don’t have to sit in a doctor’s office to get a prescription for them.  There are no issues about whether or not the insurance is going to cover the pills either.  I can just buy them for less than many co-payments are. Best of all, they work.

What is this miracle?

Hyland’s Restful Legs

Check at your local drug store or discount store for them, and they are probably also available at many health food stores.  (I know the natural food co-op I belonged to years ago carried Hyland’s products.)  Even if you are like me and don’t quite “get” how or why homeopathy works…who cares if the remedy actually works?

No side effects, cheap, and effective…what more could anyone want?


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