Raymon Grace, healing energy, and allergies

17 Jun

I used to have severe food allergies.  Remember the stories of the people allergic to peanuts where they have horrible reactions without touching or consuming them, but merely being in an area where they are being consumed?

That was me and my allergy with hops.

At my worst, I couldn’t go anywhere beer was served, indoors or out, without a reaction.  People thought I was some kind of neurotic teetotaler, but in reality, it was the physical reaction that had made me become so incredibly phobic about beer and its consumption.

It made me into a neurotic sounding pain-in-the-butt customer in restaurants too–I’d grill the wait staff about ingredients, I’d order tea and water without lemon, and then would insist on a completely fresh glass when it came with lemon.  I’d then suspiciously sniff the glass looking for lemon aroma when it returned, and sometimes…it was there, indicating the waiter had returned with the same glass in hand.

I hated going out, I hated being such a nitpicking person about details, but I also hated the routine of emergency rooms, shots, severe allergic reactions, and the aftermath which lasted for days.  It was a problem in jobs too.  I was not taken seriously when I said that I could not be around a particular solvent, cleaner, food stuff, etc.  I had co-workers who thought it was amusing to eat an orange in the same space I had to work in too–not realizing that it was not a case of me merely being uncomfortable for a few minutes but I often would endure days of pain, itching, burning or worse.  I drifted through careers as I moved along to escape the allergens that most people assumed only affected me if I ATE the item, not realizing that I was miserable when it was in the same space as me.

My kids grew up deprived of citrus, among other things.  Christmas morning oranges meant going outside to sit on the steps in the cold, plastic bag in hand.  There, my daughter would peel hers and her brother’s oranges, bag the peels and take them directly to the dumpster.  They’d eat their oranges outside, even if it was below freezing, and then had to come inside and go directly to wash their face and hands, and brush their teeth.

All of that so they could eat an orange, which was a special treat.

In June of 2009, I had a guest on The Dawn of Shades by the name of Raymon Grace.  During the program, he worked on my allergies by focusing energy on them.  I had no hopes it would work and regarded it as mere entertainment for the audience, to be honest.  I gave it little thought, and after decades of watching ingredients and keeping my Benadryl close at hand, I was experienced at avoiding the more serious reactions.

Months went by, and I forgot about it.  I didn’t even notice as weeks rolled into months, and then an entire year had passed until I thought about the fact that I had not had a single incident of hives.  Not one.  In a full year, I’d typically have a 2-3 incidents of hives, usually attributed to a minor ingredient in some processed food or condiment that I had overlooked.  I got brave, I ate some pickles, some melon…and still nothing.  Beer was even spilled on my skin…and nothing happened.  My aunt handed me a hard candy to eat, and I had popped it into my mouth before a horrible taste filled my mouth and I inquired what it was.  The orange-flavored candy, once something that would have led to swelling lips and painful burning, now just tasted horrible.  (I may never learn to LIKE oranges–they were the first food I was allergic to, so its been decades since I could safely consume anything orange-flavored.)  A peeled orange may not smell GOOD to me, but it doesn’t feel like I’m breathing in fire either.

I remembered what Raymon had done, as I embarked on a journey filled with melons and cucumbers and squash…all foods that had been risky at best in the past, even in tiny quantities.

Finally, he was able to reappear on my program, and receive a proper thanks for the work he’d done for my allergies.

This time, he gave me another gift—he worked on repairing my energy field, and changing the frequency to discourage the plague of biting yellow flies that I was so allergic to and had driven me indoors on the Gulf Coast this year.  In return, he has asked for an email in a month about how I was doing, which seemed like a very fair exchange to me.

It’s only been two days, and I’ve not spent long periods of time outdoors.  The gnats had a hey-day on my legs late this afternoon, sending me back indoors, but I haven’t seen the hordes of yellow flies waiting in ambush for me either.  (Yeah, that’s how I have been seeing them.  When I step out, and can easily spot a dozen of them…that’s a horde laying in wait!)  Last Sunday, they were laying in wait…and I hurried  into the sunshine, despite the heat, to avoid their visiting me.

Raymon is a fascinating character, very down to earth and practical in nature too.  I have never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but even so, he’s someone I instinctively like.  I don’t totally understand how and what it is that he does, but I can still appreciate and enjoy the effects of it.  He’s someone that I recommend to friends and family who are plagued with problems that aren’t being completely alleviated by their traditional doctors and medications too.  I don’t advocate abandoning their medications, but rather seek out alternative healing processes that can work in conjunction with those medications, and possibly even result in reduced dependency on the medications over time.  Raymon offers some potential assistance for anyone in that situation.

That’s not all he does.  He works hard at cleaning up water, changing the energy and rendering it safe to use once again.  He works to reduce abuse too, and those videos are available free via YouTube.  He does a lot of different things, and he teaches others how to do this too.

I may never understand dowsing.  I know I had a great grandmother who was a dowser, but I don’t know what that really means.  She used to help her family and neighbors locate good spots for wells, an important task in early 20th century Western culture.  (She lived in New Mexico most of her life.)  I guess she was good at it, but it wasn’t something that was talked about a lot.  Maybe it clashed with the family’s fundamentalist nature?

If you want to find out more about Raymon Grace, check out his page on our website.  Archives of the program are available for a short time here as well.


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