An update on can you help

25 May

Ahh today is the 25th of the month, and we started off with a need for $510 we didn’t have in order to stay on the air.  It looked like Mount Everest to us at that point, and we started diligently asking for help, trying to figure out how to get the money we needed, and pulling our hair out.

I’m not quite bald yet!

First, we managed to come up with $200 of what we needed ourselves.  That was a relief–we’d never been in such desperate straits before, we’d always covered the expenses ourselves and just gotten by with oatmeal and ramen noodles, if we had to.  This time, it wasn’t a ramen sized problem.  We still needed $310, which looked at least as large as Mount McKinley at that point.

I was also feeling rather depressed, as no one had said a thing about our donation drive, let alone emailed us.  Did anyone care if we stayed on the air?  Did anyone think our programs and website even had any merit?  It sure didn’t look like it did in anyone else’s eyes, and I sure didn’t need the work, stress and worry for my own ego and neither did Greg.  Maybe shutting it all down was exactly what we SHOULD do…and so we discussed that possibility.

Then, fortune smiled upon our heads.  We got a few donations, and they were substantial enough to keep us going.  We got a few emails saying that while they couldn’t afford to donate, they DID appreciate the programs we host, and the information found on our websites and in our blogs.

Patrick & Mark–you guys really made a difference, to a lot of people!

For those who wrote us, you really made a difference to us.  You let us know that you were interested and what we did really DID matter, and that was as important as a donation, really.  We were beginning to lose heart, as it seemed we were confronted with apathy.  It was as though people thought, “well, they are okay if its free and I don’t have to DO anything but I sure wouldn’t want to have to put any effort into listening or reading the stuff.”

  • It hurt.
  • It was depressing.
  • It was hard to stay motivated in the face of apathy.

But, thanks to those who could be bothered to show they care and those who felt we deserved a few of their hard earned dollars–we are covered for May.  I haven’t started worrying about June yet, but that’s a week away still.  We managed to get more of it ourselves too, and we’re thankful for that.

So with deep and heartfelt thanks, I reach out to everyone who helped us over this “speed bump” in the road of life, whether it was a financial contribution, contribution in kind, or the encouraging emails.  YOU made it possible!

Our website is paid for several months now, we have our other regular bills paid for May.  We’re on target and moving forward, we believe in what we are trying to do, and we’re hoping everyone continues to enjoy and be interested in what we are doing.  We’d love to see more people contribute ideas and criticism too.  We LOVE audience feedback!

We are inviting everyone to participate and be a part of Exogeny–that’s what it is all about!

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