Today in the Exogeny World…

22 May

Today was supposed to be the Rapture.  I had hoped that those planning on attending would feel good about donating their worldly goods to Exogeny…but alas, they must have been hedging their bets.

The Rapture didn’t happen, nobody ascended anywhere, except Harold Camping, who is apparently out of circulation somewhere.  I doubt he ascended either, I personally consider him to be a fraud with his end-of-the-world projections and the resulting donations as people sent them their retirement, life savings, even the money from selling their home.  He has ruined lives, traumatized children, and I think he knew full well he was full of it.

But that aside, I have some news that is nearly as good as rapture, as we have received some donations to help with this month’s expenses.  Relief is around the corner, and Patrick & Mark–we thank  you from the bottom of our hearts, for your faith in us and what we are trying to do, as well as how we’re doing it.

We all get by…with a little help from our friends.

Today may not be the rapture, but its a day to appreciate our friends and fans, deeply and devoutly, because no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, no one can deny that friends and fans are both gifts from the Creator.  Greg and I are both fortunate enough to have them, and while we may not get feedback as often as we like, when we do get it, it plucks at our heart strings and makes our souls sing.

So thank you, to everyone who sent us an email or message, to those who donated, and to those who simply sit at home silently thinking wonderfully positive thoughts to us.  Our friends and fans give us fantastic memories too–I will never forget Ian coming on the air with his song for my birthday either.

We don’t do our shows for  a popularity contest, and we don’t work at Exogeny Network and the Exogeny Center in terms of popularity points either.  We do those things because we believe in them and their value to the world at large.  We don’t have a lot of money, and some days, we just don’t have any money, but that’s okay.  We are rich in so many other ways.  We are rich in ways that no stock market crash or thieving relative can ever take away.  What we have is more than a hurricane can blow away too.

Greg and I will never be rich or even mildly well-to-do because of the life choices we’ve made.  We believe in those choices, and don’t regret them even though we have sacrificed financial security at the altar of those choices.  We want the world to be a better place, and while we’re not trying to change the entire world, we’re working towards changing a small corner of it for a small section of the world, in hopes that those ripples spread outwards further, causing change everywhere to happen as a result.

We know a young teenage couple.  They don’t technically “live together”.  He will be 20 this summer, and has been working since leaving high school and trying to take classes at the community college to get a degree.  He’s not been able to afford them this last semester.  She’s still in high school, although she turned 18 last fall.  Her parents don’t feel obligated to support her, despite the fact that she still has another year of school to get her diploma, not because she failed a grade along the way due to not doing homework…but they didn’t keep her in school enough to allow her to pass one year as they decided to try out the nomadic life.  She gets good grades, As & Bs, and has a full year left.  The family that has supported her the past six months has their youngest child graduating in a few weeks and moving out, so they have asked her to move out as well.

Where will they go?  How will she get her high school diploma?  Have her parents doomed her to a life of poverty and struggle now?

This pair of young people are not solitary examples.  The law only requires parents to provide support until the 18th birthday, and makes no provisions for needing that high school diploma either.  The same thing is true of children who grow up in foster care.  On their 18th birthday, like some magic wand has been waved over their heads, they are on their own.  For better or worse, homeless and broke, uneducated and unskilled…there they are.

Yeah, and we can afford to send aid money to where for what?

Part of what Exogeny Center would do is offer a safety net of a combined effort of education and employment, with housing, to young adults not unlike this pair.  It isn’t about rehabilitating anyone, it’s about giving them a chance to get on their feet, to learn about the world, and not be forced into situations where there is no possibility of winning.  It’s more than just that though.

It would have a heritage farm, preserving crops, livestock, and skills that are being lost faster than we can come up with new genetically modified organisms too.   Not only maintaining a genetic pool, it would offer breeding stock and seed to others who wanted to use the same techniques to preserve and protect, as well as offering heritage, whole food options to the public.

We would offer a chance for families to visit the center, relaxing and seeing things like a few generations ago, people experienced things when visiting their “country relations” on the farm.  They’d try out fishing and hiking, see how a cow is milked, pick apples, learn about outdoor skills, and maybe, just maybe, they’d learn about how important our world and environment really are, as well as why things need protection like national forests and parks.

While all of this is happening, other things less obvious to the casual visitor would be occurring too.  Things like the cabins where visitors stay on vacation are actually “micro-house” prototypes, where we are actually finding out how families live in the smaller spaces and whether the space actually works in practice…before it goes into production.  These same micro-house prototypes can eventually become fast and efficient replacement housing in areas struck by natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

University students could do internships, learning about a lot of different things from the operation of a non-profit educational center to the daily routine of a heritage farm and the actual operation of retail through the “country store” selling the goods made in the workshops of the center, along with other products conducive to the ideology of the center.  A small restaurant would eventually provide meals not only for the visitors and staff, but also the general public, as culinary interns work on the practical aspects of restaurant management.

Located in a rural area with a depressed economy, it would offer employment opportunities that would have long term possibilities, unlike many rural jobs that last a few weeks or months as some project enters an area, hires workers, completes the job, and then move on.  Stable employment in a variety of areas  and often offered to seniors with limited resources but incredible skills, we would be able to train others with their help, and improve their overall quality of life.  Not all of the jobs would be held by students–many would be best suited by the more senior of the work force in the rural area, both full and part time.

It’s a big dream.  Too big for a couple living in Mississippi without millions of dollars to invest in it.  We believe in it.  It’s been years in its conception, and it may be years more before that land is finally found, and the first “cabin” is constructed and set into place, or the first field is plowed…but that’s okay.

Great journeys start with a single step.

Exogeny Network, the website, the radio programs, the blogs, all of that…is our first step.  We make those first steps under our own steam and with the help of friends and others who believe in the journey.  It’s not a short journey, and there won’t be instant gratification.  I just hope we get it done before I’m too old to milk a cow or work in the garden!

We want everyone to share our vision, to be a part of this journey, and most of all, to continue being a part of Exogeny Network and the Exogeny Center.  We believe, and we want you to believe too.  All it takes is many hands to make it a much easier task.  It’s like building a hill.

  • If I have to carry the dirt up, one bucket at a time, I likely won’t succeed in my lifetime.
  • BUT…if 100 people carry the dirt up, one bucket a time, it’s much more likely.
  • And if 1000 people carry the dirt up, one bucket at a time, it’s going to happen much sooner.
  • If we want it to happen even faster, we get 100,000 people to carry a bucket of dirt up, and we’ll have that hill in no time!

All we ask is that you carry a bucket of dirt for us, figuratively speaking, and ask one other person to do the same.  Just one.  And when they carry that bucket of dirt…and ask one more person to do so, before you know it…we will have that hill.

Help us get those “buckets of dirt.”  The Exogeny Center is needed now by a lot of people, and the faster its built…the faster it becomes a part of the reality of our world.

And thank you, Patrick and Mark…for carrying up those buckets of dirt, so to speak.  We’re a lot closer to all of it every day.


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