The Women of Ufology continues

20 May

The series we’ve been engaged in on the Dawn of Shades is still going on, featuring the “Women of Ufology“.  There are a lot of women, far more than the usual lineup at most conferences has lead most people to believe, and they are doing a wide variety of work in the field too.  Originally, when we started planning the series, it was thought I’d do a panel and 3 or 4 other shows, and then it would be off onto another topic.

It didn’t take long to realize that to do such a short series would really do an injustice to the topic.

It stretched out through most of April and all of May, and it still barely scrapes the top of the iceberg, so to speak, with the Women of Ufology.  There is no way to truly do the topic justice in just a few weekly programs, not and engage any of those women in a conversation of any depth anyhow.  There is no doubt in my mind that there are more women doing work of considerable interest and value in the field that didn’t appear than did–there are literally that many out there!

Next week, on the 24th of May, we’re having our second (and last) panel of women on the topic, representing a wide variety of areas and topics once again.  Sheila House, November Hanson, Karyn Dolan, Eve Lorgen, and Dee Andrew will join me for that two hour program–that’s a lot of voices to hear!  November is the former host of Voice of the People, currently engaged in research projects and spending time with her family.  Karyn hosts her own radio program, Through the Keyhole.  Dee Andrew has her own program, Eyes to the Sky, and is on a hiatus while she has been recuperating from her own health issues.  Sheila House is engaged in alien research, as well as finishing up her master’s degree.  Everyone is obviously busy, dealing with their own issues and lives, and engaging in some form of ufology related activity as well.

The program should be a lot of fun, as well as informative.

More importantly, questions from the audience about the work the individuals have done, as well as the field in general will make the program much more interesting and engaging!  If you have a question that you would like asked, you can wait until the program goes live at 7 pm Central on Tuesday, May 24th, or you can email it to me now at giascott at  (You know how to type it in, right?)

How do you listen in on the live program?  There is information about that at our website.  It’s easy to join the virtual auditorium too, and then you can also interact with the other listeners, as well as me!  Lots of people have fun with that.  The directions for doing that are also found on our website.  The guests, except for Dee Andrew, all have pages with information about them too.  You can find their names listed with the other guests on the left hand side of the page.  Dee’s page will be up just as soon as I get her information emailed to me, hopefully before the program.

I hope that everyone is finding the program series interesting, as well as fun and informative.  I know I’m having fun with it, and soon, it will be time to move on to other topics and areas of interest.  What interests you?  What would YOU like to learn more about?  We’ve done topics as varied as people who deliberately invite “possession” to novelists, with everything in between.  What is on YOUR mind lately?  I’ve been studying Machu Pichu, earthquakes, and ancient America lately…just one of those tangents I’ve been off on, along with occasional deviations into the world of living small, bicycling, and sustainable lifestyles.

Which reminds me…

Yeah.  Good old associative thinking, right?  That’s how a lot of topics get started, and who knows what will come up to start the next themed series on the Dawn of Shades


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