Can you help–an update!

13 May

Good news is always welcome.  After the stress of realizing that we were looking at the wire and needed $510 we didn’t have just to stay on the air and maintain our web presence…we got some good news, and some bad news today.

The bad news.  Sometimes we all just want to get over the bad stuff right away.  I guess we’ll do that here too.  The bad news is…we have not received a single donation.  Not one $1 has been contributed.  I’m not sure if I should consider that as people don’t like the programs and other things we do, or if it merely indicates that no one has contributed right now.

But…on a brighter note.  We have been able to raise another $200 of our current expense need ourselves.  Yee haw!  We’re thrilled, and as happy as clams about that.  We’ll deposit the check tomorrow and take care of that much of our May needs.

So now, we’re down to a need of another $310.  It’s a lot, but my usual optimism has been restored, and I’m thinking very positively.  We will be able to raise enough money, I’m certain of it.  If you would like to donate, you may do so by going to the Exogeny Network website.  It’s right there on the front page!

In the meantime, I’m curious…what kinds of programs do people want from Greg and I?  I’ve been doing the Women of Ufology series, and while it seems to be moderately popular, I’m not certain that that is fulfilling everyone’s needs.  Is there something you want to know more about?  Someone that you have heard of and would like to hear on the air?  What really catches your attention?  What would make you want to stop whatever you are doing on a Tuesday or Saturday evening and join us for the full two hours?

No matter what is happening in your part of the world, keep pursuing illumination and truth.  Real truth will always talk to you directly to the heart, and you should recognize it very easily.  Keep on the positive side, stay upbeat, and believe in yourself.

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