Can you help?

12 May

I will confess, I’m reduced to begging.  I’m not very good at it, I’d usually rather do it myself than ask anyone to help.  Unfortunately, I’m apparently in need of a lesson in humility.

Exogeny Network, our website & public face for our radio programs and all the other things we do (or try to do) is now facing some financial issues of its own.  Greg and I have covered expenses for the entire thing for the past five years, with occasional donations from considerate listeners and even guests.  We have appreciated those donations, and used them wisely.

Now though, we’re faced with the reality of our need to raise $510 by May 31st to stay afloat and on the air.  If we don’t succeed, neither Greg nor I will be on the air after that point until the financial issues are resolved.  We aren’t sure when that would be, either.  It might be days, weeks, months, or even longer.

Now obviously, we’d much rather pay the bills ourselves and not be faced with the whole issue of begging, but it isn’t working that way.  We have discussed the financial issues every direction we could, we have addressed every expense cutting method we could.  Unless something unexpected happens, and very quickly, there is  no way we CAN just do it ourselves.

So we’re asking everyone to please consider donating.  If every reader and listener donated $5 or $10 for the entire year, we’d have no worries about finances at all, and we could greatly expand the number of archives we make available too.  However, the reality is that only about 1% of the listening and reading public is going to do anything, including donating.  Each of our programs has a listening audience of over 50,000 people.  A few hundred read this blog each month.  It’s up to our audience now, as we can’t ask for donations on the air (station policy, UPRN does not let individual shows solicit for donations.)

If we matter enough, if we’re doing a good enough job that you want to see us stay on the air, please…consider donating that $5 or $10 to help.  More would be greatly appreciated.  We promise to continue producing the best radio programs, podcasts, and web content we can.  We’ll list our donors unless they ask to be anonymous too.  (First initial and last names)  If you want us to put your picture up, we’ll do that too.

It’s now up to you, our audience.  We’ve done what we could with what we’ve had.  If its good enough, then we have to believe our audience will care enough to try and help.  If it isn’t good enough, well then, we’ll be off the air and it won’t matter anymore, will it?


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