What did you do for Mother’s Day?

9 May

I’m a mother…and a daughter…and a grandmother.  That means Mother’s Day is a big deal.  In a way, anyhow.  My mother was clear across the continent, so she wasn’t with us physically.  Both my daughter and I called her, however, and that helped, at least here.  It didn’t hurt that she had just been here for a visit though.

I was fortunate that I got to spend some time with my daughter and her family.  Of course, having a gorgeous, brilliant, and beautiful granddaughter doesn’t hurt either.  (She’s about seven months old  now, and her brilliance is really showing as she chews on her socks and drools on everyone, too. )  I’ve never seen such a gorgeous baby before, unless I was their mother, of course.  She may be even more beautiful than her mother and uncle were though.  Maybe.

We had a picnic.  Today, there was an event at a local park (Gulf Islands National Seashore) and a group we both participate on was participating in the “Marsh Nature Walk.”  So…we picnicked before the walk, which seemed like a wonderful idea.

We had enough food to serve twenty people, and it was four adults eating.  (We’d invited everyone, but no one else came to eat.)  That’s okay–my daughter’s loaded potato salad is to die for, and I make a pretty mean pasta salad, even if she did say it needed more salt.  (I didn’t think so, but I’m not much for salt anyhow.  I thought the green olives were plenty salty in it!)  We even had dessert–her dump cake with vanilla yogurt.  The chicken wasn’t homemade–they were rotisserie chickens.

The one thing that DID show up by the thousands  the minute  food was placed on the picnic table was flies.  I’ve never seen them arrive in droves like that before, and it was a case of we all looked like we were eating and directing an orchestra at the same time.  They literally blanketed some of the food containers (obviously, nothing was left without a lid!)  The Gulf Coast has its compliment of bugs, and it’s a healthy one…but this was insane.  I’d never seen so many!  With warnings from regulars, I also doused myself with Repel Sportsman’s formula, ensuring that I didn’t leave sporting as many spots as a kid with the measles.  (I didn’t get any bug bites, so thank you, Repel!  You are my summertime perfume of choice!)

We enjoyed ourselves, even if the grand baby didn’t like her picnic meal (broccoli and carrots baby food…I can see why she objected, actually.)

My daughter gave me a lovely card, complete with all of the signs of her own younger days when she was always changing her name, the drawings, the whole bit.  It was cute.  I’ll confess, I’m not much for remembering cards…but I had gotten her a Mother’s Day gift last weekend (some herb and pepper plants) which were even planted by GM before we left, making it an easy gift for her.  All she has to do is remember to water them until they are established.

Even so, the evening had a touch of sadness, as I remember my grandmothers, who are all gone now, and my own days when I was “Mom”.  A bit of nostalgia, I suppose, and a sense of homesickness for a time gone by.  I wish for their wisdom and knowledge, and wonder how they acquired it.  They weren’t much older than I am when I looked up at them with total awe!  (Well, my great-grandmothers were, but that’s another story, really.)

I could remember a lot of Mother’s Days, a lot of stories, and a lot of memories.  I don’t think they were really the “good old days” so much as we’ve conveniently forgotten the hard parts, and remember only the best of times.  Remembering the laughter and joy is certainly a lot nicer (and more fun) than remembering the pain and tears anyhow.

All we can do is go through life doing our best to create great memories.  That’s really what its all about.

Great memories.

I hope you had a chance to make some great memories with the people you love on Mother’s Day.  I know I did.

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