Osama, Obama, wutz bin goin on

2 May

Osama bin Laden is now dead, according to the White House.  Earlier, I read an announcement that NY Times was reporting his death, but the death supposedly occurred in December, as a result of a lung infection.  That didn’t make sense with the president holding a press conference…

So now the report is that he was killed as a result of US Military action.  We have some good soldiers, I have faith in them.  I don’t, however, have much faith in our government as a whole or of politicians in general.  I find this conflicting report a bit unsettling.  I’m sure, since every television network in the USA is reporting the “official” story, that the NY Times will recant and switch theirs too.  It wouldn’t be unexpected.

So now the US has custody of the body, and his identity has been verified via DNA.


I’m a bit surprised to watch things playing out now, in the early stages, while the press conference is still underway.  It seems that I am not the only one that is a bit uneasy.

Most Americans thought he was dead already and had been, and that his death was simply unverified.  That means they question whether or not he was recently killed.

Most Americans want to see our soldiers come home now.  I guess that’s not happening either–they are anticipating retaliatory strikes from bin Laden’s followers.  It is logical to expect more terrorist attacks or attempts to attack, and that will provide ample reason for further restrictions at airports, sea ports, rail stations, and potentially even highways, as well as other venues where people gather together.  Food safety will once again become an issue too, as the potential for contaminated food rises with this terrorist threat.  Or…at least the official stance will be that we need further restrictions to provide  safety for the population.  That’s worrisome, as the Food Safety Act would make even backyard food raising, such as gardens, potentially an illegal act.  All citizens would be required to obtain food ONLY from officially sanctioned and licensed sources.  Will it go through after a terrorist attack on our food supply?  Or a perceived attempt at attacking it?

Others predict that Obama will use this death as a wave to ride himself right into a second term of office.  How do you feel about that?  Does it change YOUR opinion of his ability to lead this country effectively? Did you think he was doing a good job yesterday?  Did Osama’s death change your opinion today?  Personally, I don’t think Obama had a thing to do with the military’s attack or its success.  He is the Commander in Chief purely in a ceremonial manner, and has no input really on what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Maybe I’m overreacting as I watch public opinion and commentary playing out, but this announcement tonight has me uneasy.  I’m not sure why–I can’t put my finger on what bothers me about it all, other than celebrating the end of someone’s life.  Part of me can’t ever forget that no matter who Osama became, once upon a time, he was a woman’s darling little boy.  I don’t care what religion or culture you claim as your own, human nature is the same…and we all love our children, and they all grow up to become adults and parents themselves.  Some little boy probably adored him at least at some point in his life.  Some woman probably loved him too.  Part of me grieves for that little boy he once was, and those he left behind.  Nobody could be all evil, no matter what our perceptions of their actions is or was.  I guess it’s just how I regard life…as something that should not be taken away lightly, no matter who it is.  Perhaps from the point of view of the Middle East, Bush and Obama are perceived the same way we perceived bin Laden.  Yes, I know that bin Laden is regarded as responsible for 9/11 and all of those deaths.  Those deaths rocked me to the core too.  I’m not regretting that he has been killed so much as uncomfortable with the celebratory way his death is being regarded.  I realize, that in the eyes of the world, bin Laden was a problem that could only be resolved by his death.  I just don’t think its going to end there either.

I’m afraid of the potential for a desire for revenge from his followers.  From 9/11 to now, too many have already died…on all sides.  I would like to see this continual killing cycle come to an end, to find peace somehow so that people can have as normal of a life as possible.  I don’t know how such a thing could happen, but left in the hands of politicians, and not just American ones either…it is unlikely to happen any time soon.  There is too much money to be made from warfare.  Unfortunately, it also is an expensive thing for us to continue with too.  We’re spending more than we can afford to on this effort, in terms of lives and resources.  If we devoted as much effort to truly solving the world’s problems as we do on finding better, faster, cheaper ways of killing other human beings, we’d have a much nicer world to live in…maybe one without BP Oil Spills or Japanese nuclear melt downs.

Once upon a time, I remember seeing a commercial advocating donating to the United Negro College Fund.  It’s slogan was “A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste.”  How many minds have been wasted with suicide bombs, land mines, gun fire, bombings, and other “tools of mass destruction”?  How many minds that could have found ways to solve our world’s problems have instead been killed through death and disease and starvation brought on by mankind’s incessant need for warfare?

Our soldiers are not responsible for this war.  Neither are theirs.  The ones responsible for it aren’t the ones who die, aren’t the ones who starve, and aren’t the ones whose lives are destroyed by it.

The ones responsible for it sit in air conditioned offices on cushy leather covered chairs wearing expensive suits and drinking bottled water.  They go home to their wives and children, and live long and prosper too.

I believe in supporting our troops, but I don’t believe I like supporting the fat cats who ask them to die for these petty wars.  I’m tired of it.  I want to see the troops come home, I want to see an end to this continual war in the Middle East.  I want to see our own economy rebuilt, and jobs again.  I want to not hear about schools losing accreditation because they can’t afford to keep enough teachers because of a loss of funding while we’re building schools and factories in distant lands…when historically we’ve seen it over and over in that same area where the schools are soon shut down because of their religious beliefs.  Why are we banging our heads against this brick wall?  Why are we so sure that our way is better and we have to keep on paying to cram it down someone else’s throat?  If they want it, let them do it themselves!

I’m aggravated.  I want the soldiers to come home.  I don’t want to hear of friends and family sending their bright sons and daughters to the Middle East for a war anymore.  I don’t want to hear of someone else’s son or daughter being killed in the Middle East anymore.

Osama bin Laden is dead.  Bring them all home now please.  It’s over.


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